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For this recommendation report, you may choose between one of these types of reports: · Evaluates two or more products (We are doing on Dunkin Donuts), services, people, or programs and then makes...

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For this recommendation report, you may choose between one of these types of reports:
· Evaluates two or more products (We are doing on Dunkin Donuts), services, people, or programs and then makes some sort of recommendation about them.
The format for this report can be found in Chapter 11, pages XXXXXXXXXX.  The length of this report is a minimum of  3-single-spaced pages and a maximum of 6 -single-spaced pages.
You may include a works cited or appendix or reference page. Again, use the MLA citation found in Appendix B, pages A-20 to A-22. You may opt to use footnotes instead.
Need presentation as well on Power point
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Dunkin’ Donuts and Tim Hortons
There is no doubt in the fact that Tim Hortons and Dunkin' Donuts are considered as being the two leading eatery
ands, which focus on doughnuts. Although, both the corporations have somewhat similar menus and approaches, there are chief disparities within their business frameworks with respect to scale,
anding and store ownership. Tim Hortons is basically a Canadian based coffee restaurant
and having its head office located within Ontario. It was initially established for serving coffee as well as doughnuts as the chief menu nevertheless afterwards it added several products on the menu taking in beverages, bakery items and soft drinks amongst others. Tim Hortons is considered as being the prominent Canadian owned quick service food network and as of the year 2016, the
and had recorded greatest sales volume among all the fast food chains within Canada (Tim Hortons, 2018). The
and united with Burger King during the year 2014 but continues to offer its products like an autonomous entity. Since that time it has become a worldwide
and, which has set up several outlets both within Canada and other chief areas worldwide (Tim Hortons, 2018). Additionally, Dunkin' Brands holds a considerable global presence, although several of its global locations are Baskin Ro
ins ice cream outlets instead of Dunkin' Donuts outlets (Dunkin Donuts, 2018).
Focus and Branding
Dunkin' Donuts promotes itself chiefly like a doughnut
and, which also makes available donuts and food items, an actuality made obvious through a coffee cup importantly featured upon the firm’s logo and explicit assertion of the executive management that Dunkin' Donuts is primarily a beverage
and (Dunkin Donuts, 2018). In spite of developing a sound identity of a coffee seller, food is even now a vital aspect of Dunkin' Donuts' products (Dunkin Donuts, 2018). During latest years, the company has concentrated highly upon non-traditional food choices with the intention of attracting consumers apart from the
eakfast hours. The launch of steak to the menu during the year 2014 was an initiative towards integrating heartier food products along with an increasing number of sandwich preferences (Dunkin Donuts, 2018). The interiors of Dunkin' Donuts are planned in a different way from Sta
ucks outlets, with the former frequently similar to fast food outlets with respect to furnishings as well as décor (Dunkin Donuts, 2018).
Tim Horton’s promotes itself chiefly like a doughnut company, which provides a distinctive experience to the consumers (Tim Hortons, 2018). The company’s locations are planned taking into consideration the comfort of the consumers. Free access to internet and inviting decor provide a highly tempting option for ones searching for some place for reading, relaxing or speaking with friends. This also makes visiting Tim Hortons stores a prospective social activity, converting the outlets into a destination instead of a normal distribution region. This attracts buyers looking for an exceptional experience (Tim Hortons, 2018). Normally, such buyers have greater disposable incomes and are more ready for paying additional amount for superior quality items. During economic...

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