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n information system project management

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n information system project management
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Shashank answered on Aug 01 2020
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How e-technologies have changed modern organizational business operations and how suppliers of such technologies have sought to overcome the threats and risks associated with these technologies.
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The speed at which technology has evolved in the past few decades has practically touched almost all aspects of our lives and it can be said that business cannot run the same way they did after the industrial revolution. The rate at which businesses has been developed and run successfully has been exponential leading to its dramatic growth. Apart from this they are even mutated and adapted when operations are considered at organization level. Something, which were never observed or done before. Though development of technology has been developing from long time to improve business operations but the way of doing business has changed post internet era. The connectedness of people has been increasing everyday which is helping the business to run more smoothly. This has happened because the information and communication technologies has supported business activities and leveraged information which has been available with them from a long time. The internet economy has led them to em
ace new models but the development is not the only element that comes with technological growth. There also lies an element of risk and threats which comes in addition with them. It is imperative to maintain the balance between the two elements so that the path of growth does not follow a declining path.
Impact on modern business operations
The impact of technology is wide range in the way organizations are running business. The businesses which have adopted these technologies are termed as e-business considering their dependency on the technology has increased multifold. Hence, the concept of e-commerce is becoming topical in the business world. Though e-commerce pays a special focus on use of IT tools for running their business but for many companies e-commerce is a part of e-business strategy. This includes entire value chain of organization for example, processing of orders in using electronic means, managing supply chain and procuring electronically, initiating customer care service and communicating with business partners. E-business strategies enable the organizations to make use of huge source of information available to them in a convenient manner. It also impacts the value chain process during the exchange of goods, services and business information. The basic questions that include 5Ws i.e. who, what, why, where, and when get altered if organization adopts e-business. The effect of technology enabled business in not only limited to company itself, but it is also ca
y forwarded to its customers by making them more empowered, improving the product development process by collaborative methods and better targeting of customers with minimal resources. (Genpact,2018)
The impact of e-business has been large due to high connectivity in deploying new technologies that focus on improving the business performance. This is enabled by increasing transparency in the elements of business both internally and externally which also helps them gaining business advantage and improve their top line. This also
ings opportunity for business to explore other areas of growth as the cost optimizes and leads to opening of new channels. From customer perspective e-business helps in improving their relationship with customers resulting in improving their revenues. (Smith) The key functions that can benefit directly from e-technology in business are human resource services in terms of job postings and other benefits, procurement techniques, management of sales force, knowledge management, product development, reducing operational cost, enhancing communication between the employees and customers etc. The comprehensive change can be achieved by digitization of entire value chain.
Role of Managers
The implementation of e-technology can produce productive results only when managers are also able to...

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