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18/06/2020 Assignment 2: Essay or Digital Narrative - CNA149 Professional and Discipline Studies in Nursing 1/3 Print/Download...

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18/06/2020 Assignment 2: Essay or Digital Na
ative - CNA149 Professional and Discipline Studies in Nursing
https: 1/3
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Assignment 2:  Essay or Digital Na
This assignment requires you to develop and extend your skills in sourcing scholarly information to answer a question on a
specific topic. You may submit your assignment as either a traditional essay or a recorded powerpoint presentation. 
Whichever you choose, we encourage you to upload your assignment into your ePortfolio once complete.
Assignment length:  1500 words (essay) / 15 minute recorded presentation (NB this must include a slide setting out references
The assignment is due on Friday 1st May 2020, by 3pm.  Extension requests must be made prior to the due date and time, and
should be sent directly to the unit coordinator.   
Assignment topics
Please choose one topic from the choices below.
1. There are eight National Safety & Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards developed by the Australian Commission on
Safety and Quality in Health Care in 2017. Choose three (3) of these Standards and discuss how they relate to nursing. You
discussion should explain why it is essential that nurses are aware of the quality and safety frameworks that govern nursing
2. Nursing research generates disciplinary knowledge, which underpins and informs nursing practice. Drawing on the
Standards and Codes of nursing and the scholarly literature, discuss the ways in which nurses can use research to inform thei
practice and improve patient care. You may use the work of one or more influential nursing theorists to illustrate you
3. Social media has
ought enormous changes to the way in which we communicate with each other, both professionally and
personally. Drawing on unit content and the scholarly literature, discuss the benefits and dangers of social media in the clinical
setting, and the appropriate behaviour that nurses must observe when using these.
4. You may choose another topic based on extended unit content that you would like to explore more deeply. If you choose to
do this, you MUST have your topic approved by the unit coordinator prior to commencing work, to ensure that it will address
the intended learning outcomes (ILOs) for this unit appropriately. 
Marking criteria
1.  The essay or presentation clearly addresses the main points of the chosen question, develops a logical argument, and
displays understanding of the topic.
2.  Structure, formatting and written expression are clear and co
ect.  If illustrations are used in the presentation, they are
appropriate and credited to the source.
3.  There is evidence of in-depth engagement with appropriate academic literature and other resources, using a minimum
of six scholarly sources.
4.  The essay or presentation is referenced co
ectly using Harvard style both in-text and in the reference list.
A ru
ic for this assignment can be downloaded here: Assessment 2 Ru
ic 
18/06/2020 Assignment 2: Essay or Digital Na
ative - CNA149 Professional and Discipline Studies in Nursing
https: 2/3
Essay option:  How to structure an essay
To write a co
ectly structured essay, your paper needs three sections:  an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.  Fo
your assignment, these sections might look like this.
1.  The introduction
The introductory paragraph to your essay should set out the topic of the paper and how you are planning to address it. 
This sets the context for the rest of the essay, so the reader knows what to expect, and it should clearly address the
assignment requirements.  For an assignment of 1500 words, four or five sentences should be sufficient, In academic
writing you should use the third person.  Introductions do not usually contain references; if you are using a definition (and
therefore a reference), this should be included in the first paragraph of the body of your paper rather than in the
For example: "This essay will explore some of the characteristics that a professional nurse should exhibit and the
professional behaviour that is appropriate to the role, in order to fulfil the responsibilities of our social contract with
society.  I will be concentrating on the characteristics of XXX and YYY, and describing how they can be demonstrated by
a professional nurse."
2.  The body
This is where you discuss the topic in detail. It should consist of a number of paragraphs, each of which focuses on a
particular aspect of the discussion.  The first sentence of each paragraph (known as the topic sentence) should explain
the context of that paragraph, and the rest of the paragraph will expand on this.  (Please note a single sentence is NOT a
paragraph - you need to expand on the idea in the sentence, or merge it with the previous or following paragraph.)  It is a
good idea to plan your paper around these topic sentences - use them to set out the structure of your discussion, then fill
in the details.  Ideas should flow from one paragraph to the next, with clear links between ideas so the flow is logical and
the reader can follow your argument.
Ideas and opinions should be supported by references as they are expressed (ie don't leave the references to the end of
the paragraph, use them at the end of sentences in which the idea is used).  Remember to use references whenever you 
use somebody else's ideas, and to support your own ideas to produce a stronger argument.
3. The conclusion
A conclusion is not a summary of what you have done step-by-step through your essay (eg 'I started by defining the
concept, then I discussed it using references to support my argument, and now I'm concluding'). Instead, the conclusion
draws together the threads of your discussion and demonstrates to your reader that you have addressed the topic you
outlined in the introduction, and shows how you have proven your argument/supported your viewpoint.  Again, in a pape
of this length it will be quite short.  (You don't need to start it with 'In conclusion', as the fact that it is at the end of the
essay will let your reader know that.)  This is also another good opportunity to use the first person, to finish the pape
strongly in your own voice.  For example:  "I have shown how XXX and YYY are essential characteristics for a nurse, as
they allow the nurse to ca
y out their duties effectively and efficiently by [behaviour].  By behaving in this manner, nurses
display professionalism and gain the trust and confidence of their patients and from society."
18/06/2020 Assignment 2: Essay or Digital Na
ative - CNA149 Professional and Discipline Studies in Nursing
https: 3/3
Presentation option:  How to prepare and submit a presentation
If you choose to prepare a presentation rather than an essay, there are two ways in which you can submit your work.
1.  You can record yourself delivering the presentation, and provide us with the video of this and a copy of the slides and
transcript or just the transcript that you have used. Follow the Guide to uploading a video to MyMedia and submitting the
link for assessment .
2.  You can submit a PDF of the slides and transcript that you would use if delivering the presentation live.
In either case, ensure that you include the references you have used in your presentation; this should be done in the
transcript as you would in an essay.  You can also include a final slide in your presentation that lists these, as is done in
your weekly lectures. Generally each minute of speaking is 125 words, 15 minutes would be approximately 1875 words.

Template provided by the Digital Innovation Team (mailto: XXXXXXXXXX)

CNA149: Assignment 2, Semester 1, 2020
Criteria HD DN CR PP NN
Clearly addresses the
main points of the
question, develops a
logical argument and
understanding of the
topic (50%)
Key points are clearly
identified and explored to
demonstrate a comprehensive
and in-depth understanding of
the topic. Argument is logical
and consistent, showing
significant insight.
Key points are clearly
identified and explored to
demonstrate a good
understanding of the topic.
Argument is logical and
consistent and
demonstrates good insight.
Key points are identified and
explored to demonstrate
some understanding of the
topic. Argument is
consistent and shows some
insight; parts of the paper
could be further developed to
provide clarity.
Some key points of the topic
are identified. There is some
logical argument that relates
to the question and shows a
surface understanding; some
parts of the paper remain
Key points are absent or
poorly OR
Paper does not present a
logical argument that
elates to the question.
Structure, formatting
and written expression
are clear and
grammatically co
Consistently communicates in
fluent academic language with
coherent, concise and cohesive
sentences and logically
flowing paragraphs, in a full
essay structure that includes
introduction, body and
conclusion. Consistently uses
appropriate paraphrasing and
summarising. Essay is
virtually free from
punctuation, spelling, and
grammatical e
Mainly communicates in
fluent academic language
with coherent, cohesive
sentences and logically
flowing paragraphs, in a
full essay structure that
includes introduction, body
and conclusion. Uses
mostly appropriate
paraphrasing and
summarising. Some minor
spelling, punctuation
and/or grammar e
Mostly communicates in
fluent academic language
with coherent sentences and
paragraphs in a full essay
structure that includes
introduction, body and
conclusion. Attempts to
paraphrase and summarise.
Formatting, spelling,
punctuation and/or grammar
ors are present.
Communicated in mainly
academic language with
coherent sentences which
may include colloquialisms
or extraneous details OR in a
partial essay structure.
Attempts to paraphrase but
may be over-reliant on
quotes. A number of
formatting, spelling,
punctuation and grammar
ors are present.
Uses a casual writing
style throughout with
colloquialisms and/or
extraneous details OR
there is no clear
structure OR there are
multiple e
ors in
punctuation, sentence
structure and formatting
which make the paper
hard to read and
Evidence of in-depth
engagement with
appropriate academic
literature and other
esources, using a
minimum of 6
scholarly sources
Excellent evidence of wide
eading and integration of
ecent and relevant literature
eyond unit resources, which
demonstrates engagement with
the subject matter and strongly
supports discussion.
Very good integration of
ecent and relevant
literature beyond unit
esources, which
demonstrates engagement
with the subject matter and
supports discussion well.
Integration of recent and
elevant literature,
Answered Same Day Jun 17, 2021 CNA149 University of Tasmania


Taruna answered on Jun 18 2021
158 Votes
An Analysis of Standard One, Five and Six of National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards
    The healthcare segment of Australia is still going through transitional phase; the sector is mostly fragmented in terms of prioritizing the goals about successful delivery of the quality of care. The focus is mainly upon the outcomes as in most of the research studies in the past, it is justified that the process of improving and implementing the guidelines of National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards fall short of perfection. Out of the eight standards published in this manual, the following paper examines clinical governance, communication for safety and comprehensive care delivery. An integrated approach to apply the three is anticipated and nursing professional play pivotal role in managing the outcomes that are based on the above mentioned three standards (Pearce et al, 2013). It can be stated in the light of the fact that nursing professionals are mainly responsible to ca
y out the roles a mediator that works between the clinical experts and the patients therefore; clinical governance, communication and safety as well as comprehensive care are essential parts of their duty.
Clinical Governance and Nursing
    At first, it is significant to note here that the leaders in any healthcare organization ca
y the role of ensuing that quality of care is delivered to all community people. Prior to anything else, it is in the job profile of nursing professionals that they come out as leaders and prove their significance in the clinical governance segment (Braithwaite & Travaglia, 2008). The nursing professionals are supposed to pursue the ideologies of clinical governance so that they can assist in the process of improving safety and quality of care norms in hospital setting. Most often, it is viewed that the governance is misunderstood as something belonging to the higher administration bodies in healthcare segment; people who are responsible for policymaking are said to be the milestones of clinical governance. However, the perception is inco
ect in the sense that healthcare industry is something that is not complete without the active participation of nursing professionals. “Improving the quality of primary health care is a complex undertaking. Over the past decade, clinical governance has been promoted as a systematic, integrated approach to assuring safe, good quality health care.1 Its intent is to move beyond the organizational “magic bullet” of single strategies (e.g. professional education, audit, or risk management) to a systematic, multifaceted approach to quality improvement using a range of locally implemented strategies” (Philips et al, 2010).
    Moreover, the National Safety and Quality Health Service put clinical governance as the first standard in the list of seven others. It signifies that the governance is the point from where; the goals of quality care delivery can be achieved effectively. The standard also includes detailed provision about deploying the qualified workforce in the field. It ensures that only well deserved professionals are given the role of standard care delivery. Also, the provision is helpful in assessing the nursing values as integrated in the overall clinical segment of care. In other words, the assurance that patients seek in the form of care delivery can only be ensured when the roots of governance are strengthened by the application of this standard into practice. It is more like something that leads to the point that nurses are the professionals that can truly shape the new criteria of care with their professional knowledge and experience.
Comprehensive Care and Nursing
    This standard is placed at number five in the list...

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