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Multiculturalism in Graduate Programs and Continuing Education Tasks: · Part 1 : Create a syllabus for a multicultural course or workshop for mental health graduate students. You may either create a...

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Multiculturalism in Graduate Programs and Continuing Education


· Part 1: Create a syllabus for a multicultural course or workshop for mental health graduate students. You may either create a course that is specific to multiculturalism (i.e., a multicultural or diversity course) that you expand upon to integrate multicultural information. For your syllabus, include the following information: course title, target audience, credit, course description, learning objectives or outcomes, and an outline of assignments.

· Part 2: Summarize two continuing education courses or workshops that are offered by or approved by the American Counseling Association, or the American Psychological Association. Given the description of the course or workshop, recommend whether it would be beneficial for you to complete it. Explain why the course or workshop would be beneficial or unnecessary, given your current level of awareness, knowledge, and skills in working with culturally diverse individuals. Provide suggestions on ways you would improve the course or workshop if you were the presenter.

· Your final product will be a Word document, approximately 3 pages single space long. Utilize at least 3–4 scholarly sources in your research. Make sure that you write in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrate ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; and display accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

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Multiculturalism in Graduate Education
Student Name:
Institute Name:
Table of Contents
Task 1 Syllabus for a Multicultural Course    3
Task 2- Additional Courses    4
References    5
Task 1 Syllabus for a Multicultural Course
            EDU:110 Multiculturalism for Mental Health Studies
Course Description:
Multiculturalism is an important aspect of study as it acquaints the student with diversity in culture and how the approach for mental health, treatment and origin of various mental illnesses out of cultural and societal norms. Studying multiculturalism will help the student in understanding mental health from this paradigm, allowing a lot of flexibility in for them to discover areas in the field with lesser restrictions are before.
Course Audience and Credit:
The course is entitled for all students pursuing Mental Health Studies, Psychology and early counselling sciences as a core course. For students from other
anches, the course can be an elective.
Credit for core course: 18
Credit for electives: 4
Learning objectives:
During the course, the students will know be adept in the following areas of mental health studies:
1. Analyzing and interpreting the social, economic and cultural reasons for mental health
2. Understanding social and cultural impact on mental health across time
3. Understanding the origins of mental illness viewed from a cultural and social paradigm
4. Understanding how cultural differences affect the metal growth of people
5. Understanding and applying relevant concepts and theories when treating people with mental illnesses originating because of cultural causes
6. Describe culturally relevant...

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