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Monopoly Competition: Pick a particular industry to investigate- Nail salons, restaurants, convenience stores. The paper should begin with a concise statement of the problem/topic Summarize your...

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Monopoly Competition: Pick a particular industry to investigate- Nail salons, restaurants, convenience stores.

  • The paper should begin with a concise statement of the problem/topic
  • Summarize your position with an anticipation of the conclusion
  • The body of the paper should be the data and narrative to support your position and conclusion
  • There should be a concluding paragraph or statement

Your tern paper should follow these guidelines:

    • Include at least three graphs developed in our course.
    • A narrative which centers on 8 pages in length not including appendices
    • Have a title page and bibliography
    • At least 7 sources not including the text
    • Word processed using double spacing and a 12 point font

The purpose of the data exercises is to ensure that you are familiar with the methodology of collecting economic/financial data from the Web and analyzing it. These exercises include collecting the required data, creating a graph or table to present this information, and no more than three double-spaced pages of analysis of the data.

The point of view that you should take in addressing each topic is that your audience (see above) is ignorant of what this data represents and how it is measured. Your task is to explain what the concept is what it intends to measure, how it is measured and to what uses the data can be utilized. For example, the unemployment rate is a statistic in very common use and it is intended to measure the percentage of labor force (which itself is a very specific metric) is currently not working and is actively searching for work. Uses of this statistic are to find ways and means to reduce it, to allocate unemployment insurance, to gauge inflationary pressure, etc.

Written projects:

6. Must be typed, double-spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman or Arial font, with one-inch margins

7. Must have the title page in APA-7thstyle

8. Must have in-text citations in APA-7thedition style

9. Must have reference list in APA-7thedition style. Please note that you must reference the data you are using for the project

10. Must be prepared using word processing software (Microsoft Word preferred)

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Arunavo answered on Aug 03 2021
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Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Presence of Walmart    3
Conclusion    5
References    6
The emergence of convenient stores dates back to the early to mid-1920s in the US when many stores set up their establishments to provide all the necessary items such as groceries items, household items, and many more products of daily usage under one roof. Among these stores, Walmart came out to be one of the leading stores in the US and turned out to be such dominant in the market that it had created a monopolistic presence. In this essay, a discussion is done on the monopolistic presence of Walmart over the US and how it created the outcast of other small stores from the market.
Presence of Walmart
Walmart, a name that is so popular does not need any introduction, so much so that the pinch of its presence is felt by middle and small-scale convenience stores operating in the US As discussed by Khosid et al. (2021) that when any Walmart stores open up in a locality then it forces the small stores to either move out of the business or reducing wages for the competitors' employees. Walmart had its presence in both metropolitan and micropolitan areas of the US Schepers and Koster (2021) have presented the map of Walmart's presence in both metropolitan and micropolitan markets in the US
(Figure 1)
In the map of the US, the marked areas are the Walmart presence, where bigger dots are in the metropolitan cities and smaller dots are the presence of Walmart in micropolitan cities. In 43 metropolitan areas and around 160...

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