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Module 6 Career Assignment: Interviews Submit Assignment

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Module 6 Career Assignment: Interviews

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Answered Same Day Jul 08, 2021


Rupsha answered on Jul 09 2021
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Story 1
While working in the Markus Fashion House as the lead designer, my team was suffering from severe short staffing and as a result was facing a serious backlog of work. The accounts manager I am such situations had been setting impractical deadlines of submission and so my team was suffering from high stress and morale of the team were being affected very badly. But being the team leader my duty was not only to submit the work within in the deadlines, but also to look after my team members, cheering and motivating them at times. Under such circumstances, I decided to start a formal creative request process along with the estimates of the timeline of the project for better expectations. I also sat with each team members to cheer personally them up and increased their
eak timings. I also discussed with the manager to set the ideal timings of every part of the project. Thus by proving enough transparency...

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