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Marks : 10% of your final mark for the unit. Length : Maximum of 2 pages (size 11 font), excluding references. You arenotrequired to submit an ECU cover sheet. Task : Write a research essay exploring...

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  • Marks: 10% of your final mark for the unit.

    Length: Maximum of 2 pages (size 11 font), excluding references. You arenotrequired to submit an ECU cover sheet.

    Task:Write a research essay exploring the amalgamation of wearable technologies and digital forensics. You may choose to explore any perspective you like i.e. advantages, disadvantages, methods, processes, limitations, case studies, laws etc. Your essay must be well referenced and demonstrate research, analysis, creativity and a well thought out argument. You should aim for a minimum offivequality references.

    Marking Key:


    Max Mark

    Essay makes correct use of grammar,punctuation and has been proof-read


    Content is accurate, focused and consistent


    Effective use of evidence to support argument


    Essay shows adequate research, analysis and coverage of topic


    References have been used correctly, and adequately throughout essay


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Running Head: Wearable Technologies and Digital Forensics         1
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Wearable Technologies and Digital Forensics    3
Conclusion    4
References    5
The zeal to have a better connectivity with the digital sphere of sophisticated machinery and retention of a better health has paved the way for wearable, which has taken the form of smart bands, smart watches, and smart jewellery. The technological innovation has also found its remarkable success in digitally functioning forensics, making the collection of digital data useful for reconstructing a past event often relating with a crime in the contextual background. The wearable and the digital forensics have their limitations that often undermine the benefits they provide, therefore, a proper understanding of the true potential is necessary and is discussed in the cu
ent essay in an argumentative tone.
Wearable Technologies and Digital Forensics
Smart wearable, although has its benefits towards developing a healthier lifestyle, through its wide range usage in hospitals, sports training, regular life and many more, it still has limitations regarding its accuracy, pricing and area of impact. As mentioned by Sun et al. (2018), smart wearable are designed in the form that keeps them in close proximity of the user and the easy access to data by the user makes the smart wearable very popular.
Figure 1: Smart Wearable Sales Graph
(Source: Statista, 2018)
The sensors inside the band, as noted by Wang et al. (2017), uses the position of the wearable on the body, takes input from about the gender, height and weight of the person and use them...

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