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Market analysis of supermarket industry in Australia

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Assessment Title: Supermarket Industry in Australia – Coles Group
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Table of Contents
1. Section 1: Scope of Market – Coles Group
2. Section 2: Analysis of the Macro-Environment
3. Section 3: Analysis of Micro Environment
4. Section 4: Customer Segmentation
5. Section 5: Executive Summary
6. Section 6: References
Section 1: Scope of Market – Coles Group:
This report contains the Analysis of Supermarket Industry in Australia mainly focusing on the Coles Group. The first Cole’s store was opened by GJ Coles on 9th April, 1914 in Smith St, Collingwood, Victoria. Since then Coles has become one of the Australia’s leading retailer, committed to making life easier for customers with more than 800 stores across Australia. Along with physical stores Coles also has Online ordering facility through which customers can shop anytime and get groceries delivered at their door step. The first part of this report contains evaluation of Macro-Environment factors which are outside the control of the organization and going to affect the whole Industry. The second part of this report contains Micro-Environment factors which contains the decisions the organization has taken to gain strategic advantage. The third part of this report contains a study of Customer Segmentation as an effort to study the structure of the Industry. The last part contains all the references used in the article.
Section 2: Analysis of the Macro-Environment:
This section of the report contains the details about the Macro-Environment factors affecting the Super-Market Industry. Macro-Environment factors refer to the external factors that affect the strategies, decision-making and success of the business. With over 100 years of history behind it, Cole’s has become one of the significant players in the retail industry in Australia and main reason behind it is how the organization has handled its policy of maintaining Macro-Environment factors. Cole’s has a sustainability strategy to feed all Australians and help them live happily and healthier. The Macro-Environmental factors are further analyzed using PESTEL analysis for better understanding.
PESTEL Analysis: It is an important tool to understand external conditions affecting the performance of the Organization. The analysis is as follows:
1. Political: Political factors means the rules and regulations made by the government with respect to supermarket industry, this factor is really important as any unfavorable change can heavily impact the whole industry. Since most of these policies are made with increasing consumer benefits in mind, much of the changes have negative impact on the Organization.
2. Economic: Economic factors refer to the general conditions of the economy in which an organization is working. Even though due to COVID-19, the economic conditions are going down with more people losing jobs and the average earning per person also going down, still due
to the basic needs of humans to survive the affect on COVID-19 will only increase the sale volume for essential items. The fluctuations in the value of Australian Dollar has impacted the profitability of the company.
3. Social: Social factors refers to Buying Habits, Culture, Language etc. which affect the buying preferences of the buyers. As more and more people are becoming socially aware this factor has become one of the most prominent one. The initiatives taken by the organization has created a positive impact on the society as a whole.
4. Technological: Technology plays a very important role in retail business. As new and environment friendly technology comes, an organization has to invest more and more to increase the life of refrigerated items.
5. Environmental: Environmental has become an important factor as more and more people are becoming environment friendly. Recent awareness has contributed in higher investment by companies to...

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