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MA 515 Managerial Accounting XXXXXXXXXXPage 4 of 5 Assessment Details and Submission Guidelines GA/MA515 Managerial Accounting School Business Course Name Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) Unit...

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MA 515 Managerial Accounting XXXXXXXXXXPage 4 of 5
    Assessment Details and Submission Guidelines
GA/MA515 Managerial Accounting
    Course Name
    Master of Professional Accounting (MPA)
    Unit Code
    Unit Title
    Managerial Accounting
    Trimester 2, 2020
    Assessment Autho
Dr Moho
ot Ali
    Assessment Type
    Assessment Title
    Assessment Task 3 – Individual
    Unit Learning Outcomes Addressed:
    The purpose of this assignment is to assess the following Learning Outcomes:
a. Demonstrate advanced and integrated understanding the function and role of management accounting in the contemporary business environment.
. Demonstrate advanced and integrated understanding of management accounting and explain appropriate approaches to generating cost information.
    Total Marks
    Word limit
    Release Date
    Week Fou
    Due Date
    Week 7
    Submission Guidelines
    · This assignment should be completed individually.
· All work must be submitted on Moodle by the due date along with a completed Assignment Cover Page.
· The assignment must be in MS Word format, 1.5 spacing, 11-pt Cali
i (Body) font and 2 cm margins on all four sides of your page with appropriate section headings.
· Reference sources must be cited in the text of the report, and listed appropriately at the end in a reference list using APA 6th edition for the School of Business.
    If an extension of time to submit work is required, an Application for Special Consideration and supporting documentation must be submitted directly to the School's Administration Officer via your MIT AMS login
[https:]. You must submit this application no later than three working days after the due date of the specific piece of assessment or the examination for which you are seeking Special Consideration. Further information is available at:
    Academic Misconduct
    Academic Misconduct is a serious offence. Depending on the seriousness of the case, penalties can vary from a written warning or zero marks to exclusion from the course or rescinding the degree. Students should make themselves familiar with the full policy and procedure available at: http: For further information, please refer to the Academic Integrity Section in your Unit Description.
Assessment Cover Sheet
    Student ID Numbe
    Student Last name/s:
    Student First name/s:
    Unit code:
    Unit title:
    Due date:
    Date submitted:
    Lecturer’s Name:
    Student Declaration
I/We declare and certify that:
1. the work contained in this assessment is my/our own work/group work, except where acknowledgement of sources is made;
2. this assessment has not been submitted previously for academic credit in this or any other course;
3. I/we have read MIT’s Plagiarism and Academic Misconduct Policy and Procedure, and I/we understand the consequences of engaging in plagiarism, collusion and contract cheating;
4. a copy of the original assignment is retained by me/us and that I/we may be required to submit the original assignment to the Lecturer and/or Unit Co-ordinator upon request;
I/we have not plagiarised the work of others or participated in unauthorised collaboration or contract cheating when preparing this assessment.
    MIT ID
Assignment Description
Role of Management accounting has been changing since its inception. It has been evolved in its cu
ent roles through a long journey proving its worth in the managerial decisions. It is no more confined only with its traditional budgetary role. It is now providing much more important decision inputs in setting business strategies particularly in the consistently changing business environments.
You are required to explain the following in your report:
1. Given an analysis on the traditional and contemporary roles of the Managerial Accounting.
2. Explain the roles of management accountants in an organization.
3. Examine the use of contemporary management accounting tools to help business in taking strategic decisions particularly in the changing environment.
This assignment must be written/structured in the form of a ‘business report’. That is, it must have a/an;
(a) Executive summary (between 100 words).
(b) Introduction.
(c) Body that addresses all the requirements – see above 1-3.
(d) Conclusion that sums up the mains issues of this assignment.
(e) Reference list containing all cited works.
(f) Proper English Grammar, appearance, format, etc.
At least 2 recognized journal articles should be cited in addition to the text and other recommended books mentioned in the UD.
Langfield-Smith, K., Smith, D., Andon, P., Hilton, R., & Thorne, H XXXXXXXXXXManagement Accounting: Information for Creating and Managing Value 8e. McGraw-Hill Higher Education (Australia) North Ryde NSW.
Marking criteria:
GA/MA515 Managerial Accounting /Semester T2, 2020, Individual Assignment
    Student Number
    Assessment Criteria
    Total Marks
    Marks awarded
    Criterion 1 - Structure and Clarity of the Report/Assignment
· introductory paragraph
· logical flow of clarity and structure of ideas and arguments
· appropriate use of paragraph and headings to explain and discuss ideas
· appropriate concluding paragraph
    Total marks for criterion 1
    Criterion 2 - Body/contents
· Given an analysis on the traditional and contemporary roles of the Managerial Accounting.
· Explain the roles of management accountants in an organization.
· Examine the use of contemporary management accounting tools to help business in taking strategic decisions particularly in the changing environment.
    Total marks for criterion 2
    Criterion 3 - Research and Analysis
· quality of research undertaken
· accuracy and depth of analysis
· appropriate use of in-text and end text referencing
· quality of information sources
· appendices
    Total marks for criterion 3
    Criterion 4 - Presentation
· layout
· formatting
· spelling/gramma
· proof read
· professional format
    Total marks for criterion 4
    Total marks
    Total marks
Other Comments
Using Technology for Assessment
    Technological tools selected
· Industry knowledge & skills
· reflection on learning
· feedback on performance
· practice of critical thinking
· check for plagiarism
· problem-based learning
    · online forum on Moodle
· Turnitin
© MIT Lasted Updated: November, 2019            T1-2020
    Lasted Updated: 8/8/2020
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Sarabjeet answered on Aug 26 2021
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Running Head: Management Accountants
Management Accountants
Student Name:
Unit Name:
University Name:
Introduction    2
Given an analysis of the traditional and contemporary roles of the Managerial Accounting    2
Explain the roles of management accountants (MA) in an organization    4
Examine the use of contemporary management accounting tools to help business in taking strategic decisions particularly in the changing environment    5
Conclusion    9
References    10
In today's era of the business environment, whether in developing or developed countries, there are many competitions in business and enterprise circles. The business owner not only needs to attain the objective nevertheless but also needs to increase a high position in the market in all factors of the company's business. Therefore, the responsibilities of directors in association or company will increase, particularly the tasks of management accounting are very important for controlling productivity, expenses, as well as pricing decisions in the association. Management accounting conventions (MAP) are critical to the success of the organization, and these conventions have been used traditionally in the organization.
Given an analysis of the traditional and contemporary roles of the Managerial Accounting
Accountants can help organizations achieve their goals by organizing, combining, and communicating data about their activities. Therefore, it is essential for the cu
ent business environment (Budding & Wassenaar, 2020). In addition to accounting itself, in modern organizations, the function of a single accountant or multiple accountants is equally vital, for the reason that this department or person working in two different accounting disciplines: management accounting and financial accounting. Knowing what these two unique accounting fields can provide will explain or define the character of modern accounting (EMSLEY & CHUNG, 2010).
Since the fourteenth century, management accounting has been proposed under the standard of "bookkeeping and financial accounting". Before new accounting techniques were developed in the nineteenth century, this technique was called "technology" (KADOUS et al., 2005). Using traditional management methods, it has changed the company's past business methods. Because of the way accounting is used, the company starts to make a profit. Nevertheless, the AS they used was not as well-organized as expected. Traditional accounting systems will track business performance by evaluating business practices and systems use. In real meaning, accounting can show the everyday performance of business or enterprise, however in traditional accounting, because of the lack of tools to capture all aspects of the manufacturing industry, they cannot capture the daily performance of the company (Paulsson, 2012). External users will check the financial reports as well as then compare the outcomes with their prospects to form an assessment of the business. As mentioned above, general external users include banks, leasing industries, and suppliers (Stout, 2014). Specifically, the following are the causes of why external and internal stakeholders advantage from the work performed by accounting and accountants:
Providers provide services and gods. They need to check the balance sheet of the company they serve to make sure that they can logically expect timely expenditure for their products. The account provides detailed information about the company's account books (Varma, 2019).
Creditors or banks provide leases, loans moreover other services, or unless they provide reliable company financial accounting information, they will not do so. Again, the accountant provides these financial snapshots. Workers provide energy and time or labor to make the business run. In at least one listed business, workers will need to see some numbers to show that the business is presently viable or may continue to be feasible (Škorecová & Farkašová, 2008). The accountant provides this information. The government provides operating permits, as well as municipal services, regulations, and protections. In some cases, the government will want or require viewing the company's account books. The accountant keeps those...

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