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M3W1: Thinking about EnlightenmentStage 1: Read Ch. 22, (The textbook is"Patterns of World History" Third Edition, written by Peter von Sivers , Charles and George.), then answer the following...

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M3W1: Thinking about EnlightenmentStage 1: Read Ch. 22, (The textbook is"Patterns of World History" Third Edition, written by Peter von Sivers , Charles and George.), then answer the following questions:Are slavery and colonialism compatible with Enlightenment ideas? Why did European nations keep colonies and slavery at the same time they were promoting Enlightenment ideas?Stage 2: Identify and read two secondary sources on the topic (i.e. Enlightenment, Atlantic Revolutions (American, French and Haitian) One of them should be the textbook. One of them should be an outside reading from the library’s database.Stage 3: Answer the questions at the bottom of the source. Use a word processor (like MS Word) to write your XXXXXXXXXXword response. Once you have completed the assignment, save a copy for yourself in an easily accessible place, and submit a copy to the writing assignment inbox. Do not upload a separate attachment. I will evaluate assignments for the following:
a) Use of proper grammar, syntax and spelling.b) Don’t just repeat what is in the book. Plagiarized posts (words copied from the web or

print material) will result in failing the class.

c) Written assignments are your opportunity to let me know your own interpretation of the reading and subject matter. What was the chapter about? Are you surprised by something that you learned here?
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Dr. Vidhya answered on Mar 09 2020
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    The theory of Enlightenment originated from 15th century Europe and it continued showing impacts till the early colonization in the 18th century America. In fact, the stemming of this doctrine was merely set to prove that European ideals of living in society were greater than any other part of the world—the intellectuals were subjected to be norm in the European premises where the ideologies were produced and they were then distributed to the rest of the world. However, the contrasting point in the theory of Enlightenment and the European promotion of the practice of slavery and colonization does not go in compatible mode i.e. it seems quite opposing from the surface that in spite of having perspectives of growth and development. European rulers still prefe
ed keeping the colonies and slavery as a major practice in the American premises.
    In response to their compatibility with the concept, Enlightenment was preached to satisfy the personal interest i.e. the Europeans were meant to produce the ideologies which the rest of the world would follow—at least it was expected till the expansion of colonies in North and South of America. However, it required a great deal of workforce to be deployed in the fields to make sure that the commercial profits are well earned. In order to fulfill these objectives, the standards were slightly modified by Europeans finding new opportunities in the American lands. They set the principles of thinking to themselves and left the hard work of the fields to the American slaves, applying dual parameters of their own ideologies and refuting the Enlightenment concept.
N. A., “Enlightenment Thought (Western Colonization”, 2017, What, When, How, In Depth Tutorial, Web, Available from: http:

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