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Literature review assignment

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Literature review assignment
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Mayank answered on May 17 2020
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Assessment 2 Guided Review of nominated literature (QUALITATIVE)
Please use the questions provided in this guide to review the qualitative journal article (available in the assessment tab on vUWS). When answering each question please explain and justify responses with reference to the cu
ent literature. Please see Marking Criteria and Standards on page 13-18.
Background of the study (Total: 10 marks)
a. What is the health issue that provides the focus of this study?
ation in COPD was the central point of the this study, which is refe
ed as an event in COPD and is responsible for worse the baseline symptoms of the disease. This study demonstrates that how patients are identifying and managing this health issue because this is a common reason for admission of patients in the hospitals.
b. Generally, what have been the results of previous studies of this issue?
The previous study on this health issue reveals that exace
ation in COPD is very common in the UK and other countries. Moreover, the previous study denoted demonstrated about the struggle of patients struggle for the medical terminology along with a very poor understanding of the meaning of exace
ation. Besides, data also suggested that some patients are aware of imminent exace
ations, but that academic work has been criticised for its substandard methodological quality. Various data reported exace
ations in COPD as subjective experience. In addition, the qualitative literature research published with the latest meta-synthesis with an improved understanding of COPD exace
ations using qualitative literature, but that study was not able to focus on, how patients identifying exace
ations in COPD.
C. What is the significance of this study?
The study in this area is very significant because there is a knowledge gap, and also defines that how patient recognises and manage the exace
ation in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease at home. Therefore, this research work is very imperative to in order to understand the capacity of the patient to find exace
ation at an initial period because it Is is a vital obligation for treating these symptoms in home settings.

Overview of research design (Total: 10 marks)
a. What was the aim of the research?

The present study aimed to discover in detail about patient’s cu
ent awareness about exace
ations in COPD and their understanding of recognising and handling the health condition in the home-settings.
. What research design was used?
To undertake this research qualitative, interview based study was done and grounded theory design was used. This research design is an inductive method, which is an organized set of actions to achieve the objectives in a qualitative study. Moreover, The Grounded theory is significance in those situations where no theory exists or fails to achieve the purposes (Schneider, Whitehead, LoBiondo-Wood, & Haber 2016).
. Describe the main characteristics of the research design identified.
The Grounded theory design was used to accomplish the intention of the study. Grounded theory is a method of gathering qualitative data and undertaking data analysis to generate a theory. In the view of Chong & Yeo (2015), the main characteristics of grounded theory are process approach, theoretical Sampling, constant comparative, a core category, theory generation and memos.
d. How did the research design chosen meet the aim(s) of the study?
The purpose of this research was is to understand that how people are detecting and managing the exace
ation in COPD in homes. Grounded theory was used in this study, which is related to psycho-social processes of human behaviour to recognize how the people react in certain situations (Foley, & Timonen, 2015). Thus, the research design was suitable to achieve the aim because study results were based on the experience and problems faced by the peoples during COPD exace
ations, so all the data was based on practical outcomes, which have a significant role to complete the study aim.
Sampling (Total: 15 marks)
a. What were the characteristics of the participants in this...

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