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lab physics

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Intakhab answered on Jul 19 2021
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The Circuit la
1. DC circuit virtual experiment is opened in PHET interactive simulations.
2. For Equivalent resistance we can add up resistance those are in series and make one i.e. 8 ohm resistance and 12 ohm resistance can be replaced by one resistor with equivalent resistance
R= 20 Ohm
Fig 1 series connection of 8 and 12 ohms
Now two 20 Ohm resistance can be seen in parallel which can be replaced by one equivalent resistance
R=10 ohm
Fig 2. Two 20 ohms resistance are connected in parallel
Now 10 ohm, 16 ohm, 15 ohm and other 10 ohm resistance are in series hence it can be replaced by one equivalent resistor with equivalent resistance
Fig 3. All thee resistors in series are replaced by one equivalent resistance
Hence the equivalent resistance of the circuit is 51 Ohms
Fig 4. Cu
ent through 8 ohm resistance
The cu
ent through 8 ohm resistor is 1.18 Amperes
Fig 5. Cu
ent through the 120 V battery
The cu
ent through battery resistor is 2.35 Amperes
Switch 2
Switch 4
Switch 3
Switch 1
Fig 6. Circuit build in Phet according to the question
A. Switch 1 is closed
· No light will be...

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