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Kindly see the attached file.

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Kindly see the attached file.
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Introduction to The Topic
mHealth is necessary for all the hospitals to provide the best course of treatment to the patients with critical illness. Key goals of the project are to indicate about the advantage of using mHealth by the hospitals and providing remote care to the patients, which can save them during emergency requirement (Nasi, Cucciniello and Gue
azzi, 2015). The goal is to explain how to overcome various challenges associated with the use of healthcare information technology by the hospitals. The problem under consideration is lack of mHealth implementation by the hospitals to their patients which is causing more trouble to the patients in tracking their health and obtaining required care during an emergency (Nasi, Cucciniello and Gue
azzi, 2015). Following are research questions:
· Why it is important to use mHealth by hospitals?
· What difference mHealth can make to the hospital?
· What are the challenges of using mHealth and how to overcome them?
· How can mHealth provide
and value and recognition to the hospital in long-term?
Synopsis of...

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