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Journal Entry. The Journal function in Interact2 must be used. External journal sites are not permitted. If your country geo-blocks Interact2 website or your circumstance prevents you from accessing...

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Journal Entry. The Journal function in Interact2 must be used. External journal sites are not permitted. If your country geo-blocks Interact2 website or your circumstance prevents you from accessing the Internet (eg. due to a disability or if you are in a correctional centre), please contact your lecturer immediately. If it is an office/organisation firewall preventing access, you must find an alternative Internet access point to complete this task.
Warning: Entering or editing data in this journal entry after 2359 hours on 15 March will result in deduction of marks.
Describe in about 500 words the usage and value of information and communication technology in the everyday business operation of an education or training institution or organisation.

Write this in your journal entry on Interact2. Substantiate your claim above (importance/impact role of communication in a business/education), withreferences to similar cases available in journalswhich explains the value of this information to the organisation. You may include information of any business/education project (eg. library system, international recruitment, etc). This task must be completed by the date due – when the marker will access the published site.


This task meets Learning Outcomes 1 & 2:
Students will :

be able to describe the role of information and communication technologies in organisational activities;

be able to explain the value of information to an organisation.

Marking criteria

Be able to create a journal entry correctly in Interact2Entered journal entry correctly in Interact2 following the Presentation Guide given.Did not create journal entry as specified
Possible Marks0.50
Be able to identify the role of communication in the selected businessDescribed the business briefly and accurately identify the role of communication technology/ies in the businessOnly particially identified role of communication in the businessUnable to identify or provide the role of communication
Possible Marks0.20.10
Be able to provide three references which explain the value of this information to an organisationProvision of three journals which explain the value of this information to the chosen organisation. Cited correctly.Provision of three journals which explain partially the value of this information to the chosen organisation; may not be cited correctlyProvision of three articles (not all journals) which may explain the value of this information to the chosen organisationProvision of three websites which explain the value of this information to the chosen organisationDid not provide three articles; did not reference or quote correctly
Be able to use, cite and reference using APA 6th edition formatAppropriately referenced and quotes used correctly. Correctly formatted Reference ListAppropriately referenced and quotes used. Minor errors found in Reference ListMay not be referenced accurately in-text or quoted in APA Sixth Edition format. Minor errors in Reference ListMultiple errors in the use of in-text citation and in Reference ListAPA not used in citation and/or Reference List.
Possible Marks1.

This first assessment is an early engagement exercise. This is to ensure students have checked-in and are ready to begin work.
Please do not judge the amount of time you have completed this assignment for future work.


After you "Create Journal Entry", please click "Post Entry"
You are given full editing rights even after you post - even the ability to delete that Post.
It will also enable the lecturer/marker to provide you assistance prior to deadline.
If you "Save Entry as Draft", only you can see it and in the past, many students forget to
click on "Post Entry" which means you have not submitted your assignment at all when the
deadline has passed.
ALERT: Some students prefer to cut-and-paste from a word processor, and
depending on their settings, this may cause formatting problems later.

Journal Presentation Formatting Requirements:
1. Journal space on Interact2 presentation text width between 85-95 characters including spaces.
2. Font types and sizes consistent (use Arial 12pt) throughout and paragraphs well formed.
3. Submit answers to all work in one journal entry.
4. No attachments to journal entry allowed.

Other Presentation Requirements:

1. Avoid using dot points, bulleted points, numbered points in your work. Lists do not display your
understanding of the subject matter and may even appear disjointed to the reader/marker.
2. Meet word limits in each question (allowance of +/- 5%). Table of contents are not required and
the Reference list are not included in the word count.
(Failure to follow all the above rules, eg. if you do not meet word limit for Q3 but meet for the others,
this is considered as not meeting word limit for all: no partial mark allocated.)
3. Use either UK spelling or USA spelling but do not mix both.
4. All work presented should be carefully proofed, so that spelling and typographical errors are
5. All language used should not be sexist.
6. If acronyms and jargon are used, please explain them in the first instance, then use the
abbreviated form in the rest of the report.
7. Appendices are not to be used.
8. Use of headings and sub-headings can be used for clarity.
9. It is important to get the balance right between the citing of referenced material and your
own interpretation and ideas. When using your own thoughts and ideas, you can signal the
reader by using words and phrases such as 'it can be argued that...", "it is evident that..." and
"it seems as though..."
10. Writing in the third person is expected in all pieces of work.
11. Do not submit multiple copies (or versions) of your work. If you do, the marker will only
pick the one with the lowest mark awarded. You have full editing rights, kindly remove all
unnecessary material before date due.
12. All date/time mentioned and used is in Australian Eastern Standard Time (or Australian
Eastern Daylight Savings Time) or Sydney time.

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Table of content
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    Role of communication and information technology for an education institute for daily activities.
Role of communication and information technology for an education institute for daily activities
In modern era, there is an important role of “Information and Communication Technology” (ICT) for an education institute for daily activities. The ICT is a combination of multimedia, processing, analysis, and reservations. It is a scientific approach of defining educational and knowledge capabilities of any individual. The learning skills and related critical activities can be defined by it. It also helps in defining economical roles of education to any country or any institute. It is a very good concept for educational system, but in some countries it is still missing from class rooms [Arkorful & Abaidoo, 2015].
The points for showing roles of communication and...

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