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It’s in the file.

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Rupsha answered on May 31 2021
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Psycho by Robert Bloch
After a long disappearance of Mary, Lila became wo
ied about her whereabouts and soon confronted her boyfriend Sam about her disappearance. Lila shockingly came to know that Sam was also looking for Mary but did not find any trace about her. Lila put all her efforts to find her sister, Mary. While finding Mary, Lila along with Sam joined with Milton A
ogast, a private investigator hired by Mary's boss to find her to retrieve his money from Mary that she theft. Lila permitted A
ogast to lead in the searching of Mary. Lila got suspicious and tensed too when she heard that A
ogast got suspicious towards Norman Bates and was going to his motel to talk to his mother. Lila's tension and suspicions got enhanced when she got no further news from A
ogast regarding his meeting with Mrs. Bates and was unable to trace his...

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