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ITECH7402 PROFESSIONAL IT CULTURE Individual Written TaskOverviewThis is an individual written assignment requiring a business report containing altogether up to1500 words for bothsubtasks. The report...

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ITECH7402 PROFESSIONAL IT CULTURE Individual Written TaskOverviewThis is an individual written assignment requiring a business report containing altogether up to1500 words for bothsubtasks. The report should present the result of research relating to the ethical questions stated below. Assessment criteriaare based on the course learning outcomes, quality of the written presentation and the appropriate application of ethicaland professional principles to solve the questions.Timelines and ExpectationsPercentage Value of Task: 15%Due: 11:55 PM Saturday the 25August 2018 (Week 6)Minimum time expectation: 20 hoursLearning Outcomes AssessedCRICOS Provider No. 00103DthThe following course learning outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment:• K1. Research and discuss underpinning theories of ethical philosophy and apply these in to a range ofscenarios in an IT workplace environment.• K2. Interpret the principles of the Australian Computer Society Code of Ethics and synthesize them into dailyIT practice.• S1. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the cognitive and practical approaches required tomanage IT professionals in collaborative, global work environments.• A2. Apply skills frameworks and develop a career plan in readiness for transition into the IT profession.• V3. Value ethical decision making approaches when working as an IT professional.Assessment Details This assignment has two subtasks of equal weights. Students are expected to complete both subtasks.Subtask 1: Case StudyPercentage Value of Task: 7.5%Minimum Time Expectation: 10 hoursAssume that Mr. McBright is an employee of a company called NewAge Pty Ltd, which develops operating systems for atablet computer manufacturer by name XYZ Pty Ltd. Mr. McBright is in charge of testing the proper functioning of theoperating system and endorsing them prior to their released to XYZ Pty Ltd. Mr. McBright reports to Mrs McDonald, whohas become so complacent with his position within NewAge Pty Ltd that he takes every step to protect it. For example, hedoes not want to develop himself for a higher-level position, neither does he train or sponsor any of his subordinates forfurther career development. Mrs McDonald also does not employ anyone who appears to be much more competent thanhimself. Furthermore, to Mrs McDonald, the most important criteria for hiring new employees is the college that theyattended. The management philosophy of Mrs McDonald has resulted in many incompetent employees at NewAge Pty Ltd,resulting in somewhat shoddy work.XYZ Pty Ltd contracted NewAge Pty Ltd to develop a software at the cost of A$2 million. Just prior to handing over of theoperating system to XYZ Pty Ltd, Mr. McBright discovered a bug in it, although it could provide its intended basic functions. Page 1of 4ITECH7402 PROFESSIONAL IT CULTURE ITECH7402_Task3_Individual written task specification.docxShe reported her discovery to Mrs McDonald, but they colluded to keep the finding secret in order to meet project schedule.Eventually the new operating system with its bug was released to XYZ Pty Ltd. XYZ Pty Ltd installed the operating systemon 20,000 newly-manufactured tablet computers using the buggy operating system acquired from NewAge Pty Ltd withoutknowing the deficiency. Five weeks after releasing the first set of tablets running the faulty operating system, the softwarecreated a virus which destroyed all the customer records of Badluck Bank which acquired some of the tablets. Four monthsafter the release of the second set of tablets manufactured from the faulty operating system one of the tablets burst intoframes, burning an office.An investigation into the two accidents revealed that:1. The main cause of the two accidents was that the tablets involved were manufactured using buggy operatingsystem acquired from NewAge Pty Ltd.2. NewAge Pty Ltd has four branches located in four countries, and the employees at each branch have different setof skills. However, Mrs McDonald has the habit of not making good use of the skills of his colleagues working fromother branches than where he sits. 3. The main cause of the bug in the software was the lack of current best practices for software development atNewAge Pty Ltd as Mrs McDonald has not mentored his staff for career development for a long time. Also, MrsMcDonald employs only people of his alma mater.The authorities of the council of the city (called LivingCity) including its mayor Hon. Joseph Luck, where the headquartersof NewAge Pty Ltd is located, became privy of the saga. As NewAge Pty Ltd is the major employer in LivingCity, the councilclosed its eyes to the saga. Subtasks 1 Tasks:Students are expected to prepare a business report of maximum length of 750 words that gives an ethical analysis of theissues raised in the case study. Your submission must at least address the following points:a) List the stakeholders in the case study. Discuss how each of the stakeholders in the case study applied or failed toapply ethical decision-making approaches in the IT work environment. (V3)b) Clearly state the ethical dilemma that confronts the stakeholders mentioned in the case study.c) Provide an ethical response to the dilemma according to consequences alone. Consider the consequences foreach of the stakeholders mentioned in the case study.d) The ACS Code of Professional Conduct extends the meaning of the six ethical values with requirements thatcontribute to observing the values. Examine the code and identify requirements (using value numbers 1-6 and arequirement letter) that are relevant to this case study. For each identified requirement, explain how it should beapplied in this case study. (K2)e) Use appropriate theories of ethical philosophy to analyse the case study, especially for the position of MrsMcDonald and Mr. McBright in passing the integrated circuits while knowing that they were faulty. (K1)Marking Criteria/Rubric for Subtask 1The report submitted by each student shall be graded using the marking criteria below.Elements Maximum Marks Obtained MarksReport structure and contents of executive summary 4 Quality of introduction and conclusion 4 Analysis - Interpretation of the ethical dilemma 5 - Use of ethical philosophies or approaches andmodelsCRICOS Provider No. 00103DITECH7402_Task3_Individu al written task specification.docx8 Page 2of 4ITECH7402 PROFESSIONAL IT CULTURE - Appropriate application of the ACS Code ofEthics - Appropriate application of ethical decisionmakingapproaches- Demonstration of understanding of practical andcognitive approaches used to manageemployees in collaborative and global workenvironment.Writing skills – spelling/grammar accuracy, ease of reading,use of signpostingCRICOS Provider No. 00103DITECH7402_Task3_Individu al written task specification.docx XXXXXXXXXXTotal Marks 50 Weighted Total [7.5%] Subtask 2: Using the SFIA 6 to Develop a Career Plan for Classroom/Career TransitionPercentage Value of Task: 7.5%Minimum Time Expectation: 10 hoursThe Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) is one of the frameworks developed to guide professionals or aspiringprofessionals and employers in the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT). Employers can match the skillsof an applicant for a job to the skills needed to fill a specific vacancy in the business, and (prospective) job seekers can usethe SFIA to build their skills for their aspired employment.A main objective for an average student is how to become a professional. Therefore, knowing and embracing the set ofskills, knowledge and competencies needed for the aspiring careers is foremost important. The objective of this assignmentis to motivate students to achieve that. SFIA is developed and managed by SFIA Foundation, which is a global not-for-profitorganization headquartered in the United Kingdom. SFIA Version 6 (aka SFIA 6), released on 1July 2015, has sevenlevels of responsibilities, and there are a number of skills for each level of responsibility. An overview of SFIA 6 can bedownloaded by clicking here. The website address is also provided under the section Resources in this document.Task: investigate the SFIA 6 framework, and apply it to develop a career plan to prepare you for your transition into the ITprofession upon your graduation. First, identity and specify which of the seven SFIA 6 responsibility levels whose skills yourdeveloped career plan seeks to achieve.Marking Criteria/Rubric for Subtask 2The report submitted by each student shall be graded using the marking criteria below.Elements MaximumReport structure and contents of executive summary 5 Quality of introduction and conclusion 5 Analysis - Reflective interpretation of SFIA 6 5 stMarksObtainedMarks- Selection and justification of responsibility level in SFIA 6 5 Page 3of 4ITECH7402 PROFESSIONAL IT CULTURE - Justification of how each of the skill set required in theselected responsibility level in SFIA 6 is acquired or to beacquired. This must include your career developmenttimeline with milestones.Choice and use of resources, referencing accuracy and style 5 Writing skills – spelling/grammar accuracy, ease of reading, use ofsignpostingTotal Marks 50 Weighted Total [7.5%] Some Resources for the AssessmentCRICOS Provider No. 00103DITECH7402_Task3_Individu al written task specification.docx20 5 • ACS professional code of conduct

•• • At least three additional resources, which are not website links, should be used in the preparation of your report.SubmissionPlease clarify this with your lecturer. Submit your report at the assessment section of Moodle LMS. Refer to the CourseDescription for information regarding late submission of assignments, extensions, special consideration, and plagiarism.Note that all academic regulations can be accessed via the university’s website especially statutes 5.3 and 6.1, url: lecturer will mark and grade the submissions from students, and provide feedback to students thereafter,and as soon as possible. Feedback will be given to students via email, in the marked submissions returned tostudents, or online, or any combinations thereof.Plagiarism:Plagiarism is the presentation of the expressed thought or work of another person as though it is one's ownwithout properly acknowledging that person. You must not allow other students to copy your work and musttake care to safeguard against this happening. More information about the plagiarism policy and procedurefor the university can be found at

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Ethical Analysis of case study
Table of Contents
1) Sub tasks 1: Case study
1.1) executive summary
1.2) introduction
1.3) Tasks
1.3.1) list of stack holde
1.3.2) Ethical dilemma and stack holde
1.3.3) Ethical response to stack holde
1.3.4) ACS code in case study
1.3.5) Ethical Philosophy
2) Sub Tasks 2: Develop the career plan for classroom using SFIA 6
2.1) Executive Summary
2.2) Introduction
2.3) Task
2.3.1) Skill framework for the informational age (SFIA) and responsibility laye
3) References
Subtask 1: Case study
Executive summary
As given case study, there is needed to have assessed for learning outcomes to complete this assignment. These are: discussed and researched the ethical philosophy theories and applied in the environment of IT workplace scenarios. The principle of the ethics’ Australian company society are interpreted and synthesized into daily perform practice of IT. There is requirement of practical and cognitive approaches for manage the professionalism of IT across global work environment. The need of assignment is develop the plan of career and apply frameworks of skill. Approaches of ethical decision making are valued for IT professional. In this case study, we prepare a business report and give an ethical analysis to the issues.
In subtask 1: case study said that an employee of New age pty Ltd is Mr. McBright who develops the operating system for the company XYZ pty Ltd which manufacture tablet and computer. In this company the in charge of testing is MR. McBright. He reports to Mrs. McDonald. He discovered bug before handing the operating system to XYZ pty Ltd. He reported Mrs. McDonald about the bug but she finds keep secrets to meet the schedule of project. The result of it is after some time the operating system of OS burst and burned the whole office.
Subtasks 1: Tasks
List of Stack holde
As per this case study, the list of stake holders is: Mr. McBright, XYZ pty Ltd and New age pty Ltd. In IT work environment, the new age pty Ltd is failed to apply the approaches of ethical decision making in this case study.. If you are ethical that not means you are always follows the law. In ethical decision making process if discomfort feels in taking decisions then involved others with co
ect knowledge and experience effective decisions. After that available relevant information is reviewed, list of actions are made and actions are developed. Then consult, review and develop with supervisors and colleague. And lastly choose the options which provide least harm. There is need to stop delivery of buggy operating system by Mr. McBright with the reviewed and consulted by Mrs. McDonald to XYZ pty Ltd. The in charge of operating system first resolves the issues of bug.
Tasks 2:
Ethical Dealmma and Stack holde
In previous years, there are several ethical issues aware the public awareness about two ethical concepts is: ethical dilemmas and stack holder. Decisions of decision maker are impacted the stack holder. And ethical dilemma is related to unethical wrong doing. So here Mr. McBright is doing unethical wrong doing because Mrs. MC Donald said him to do this. Ethical dilemma is delivered buggy operation system to XYZ pty Ltd(Fowler,2018).
Task 3:
Ethical response to dilemma
In this case study as we know the ethical dilemma is done by Mr. McBright and Mrs McDonald. These both are doing ethical dilemma in new age pty Ltd. Mr. Mc
ight is...

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