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It need to be linked with the previous assignment and my learning theory is "Paradigm: Constructivism".

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It need to be linked with the previous assignment and my learning theory is "Paradigm: Constructivism".
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Harsha answered on Apr 15 2020
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Running head: CONCEPT MAP
Cover Page
Concept Mapping and Reflection
Figure 1.1 Concept Map for Caring for a person suffering from a chronic illness
The concept map above depicts four main themes to be explored in the treatment of a cardiac a
est condition. These includes: Determinism, Reductionis, Free will and Idealism. Determinism entials the social elements of the patients environmnt which need to be considered by the nurse or healthcare personell dealing with the issue.
Reduction and positivism depicts the physical components of the particular illness. A positive stance for instance, seeks the cause of the illness by identifying the physical symptoms associated with the chronic condition
. The reductionism on the other hand, focuses on measuring a person’s quality of life from a holistic perspective and how the designed treatment measures enhences such a quality
. This implies that there should be measuements and tools to gauge such quality prior, during and after treatment.
Prior to initiating treatment approaches, a nurse or any other healthcare practitioner is required to evaluates the nature of the person he or she is dealing with. This aspect which is under ontology refers to the nature of the person in terms of the mind, body and soul. Furthurmore, the patients ability to manage the situation or to be controled also need to be assed so that appropriate measures may be designed. Idealism and Free-Will partains to an evaluation of the existential features of the chronic illness.
This will again help in identification of the best available and evidence based care for the patient as well as the co
ect diagnosis
. The elements identified in this concept map will thus help greatly in the co
ect diagnosis, assessment of the patients ability in self-management, alongside the patients context so as to draw appropriate care.
In undertaking...

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