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it can be done before deadline?

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it can be done before deadline?
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Search Engine Giant:
The Case of Google Inc.
Introduction    3
Overview of Google Inc.    4
Working of Google Search Engine    5
Successors and Failures in the Industry    6
Possible Reasons    6
PEST Analysis    6
SWOT Analysis    9
Conclusion and Recommendations    13
References    14
This particular paper where an employee of ABC Company examines the possibility of developing a business relationship with some other company i.e. Google Inc. The chief aim of this paper is to investigate Google from different perspectives i.e. organisation/management structure, mission statement, business practices, processes, SWOT, dependencies, PEST Analysis, risks and issues. First of all, ABC is an IT firm and has operations all around Australia. The company has now decided to expand its operations by developing business relation with a known company like Google. Google is principally a search engine that was launched by La
y Page and Sergey Brin in the year 1998.
Overview of Google Inc.
To start with, Google is principally a search engine that was launched by La
y Page and Sergey Brin in the year 1998. The search engine of Google is at present the choice of a large number of people located worldwide. The speedy, related output as well as clean, simple interface places Google above other prevailing search engines. Nevertheless, Google is not just a search engine. It is considered as being a media giant, holding wide online advertising network that exhibits adverts for a gross revenue of over 1.6 billion yearly (Ntoulas et. al., 2004). Though, it has developed significantly around its services with extra provisions and products such as Picasa, Gmail, Google maps, Google movies, Keyhole, Urchin and several others, the company has till present - at least publicly – ca
ied out purchases all focussed towards improving the key Google search engine (Langville and Meyer, 2012). Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it accessible and useful universally.
Further, the below table illustrates few among the quick facts related to Google.
Fig. 1 Quick facts about Google Inc.
Furthermore, one cannot deny the fact that Google is at present recognized as being the marketplace leader within the search engine marketplace. Nevertheless, few of the chief Google’s competitors take in:
Further, the continuing sections
iefly discuss the way how Google search engine actually operates.
Objectives of Google
· Push the limits of prevailing technology for providing a fast, suitable and simple-to-use service, which anybody seeking information could easily access.
· Focus upon offering the best user experience possible.
· Improved infrastructure for making the engineers and experts highly productive.
· Focus upon innovation and ensure that its tools are operating everywhere.
Functioning of Google Search Engine
The Google search engine is a highly robust means, competent of locating even the most impossible data online (Ntoulas et. al., 2004). It functions in line with the conception of a special algorithm and also, various complimentary facts at the time when research is ca
ied out.
The search engine of Google upholds a renowned standing within the marketplace through working upon spiders and crawlers (Brophy and Bawden, 2005). Moreover, the tool involves several strong keywords that enable search everything and anything. Further, the continuing sections would now focus upon cu
ent strategic standing of Google and the manner in which it achieves competitive advantage.
Successors and Failures in the Industry
Google that started from just a smart algorithm has progressed into an entirely new business framework (Ntoulas et. al., 2004). The corporation has turned out to the world’s highly known and prefe
ed search engine in just few years. Also, the company has devised various winning applications like Google Earth, Google Video, Google Maps and Gmail and is relishing amazing success. Additionally, Google, starting from scratch, has certainly won the task against leading giants like Microsoft and already prevalent search engine marketplace leaders such as Yahoo, AltaVista, Lycos, hotbot, Firefox and Excite.
Possible Reasons
The inventive business model as well as approaches of Google are seen as being the chief reason behind the company’s success till now and let-down of the other companies functioning in this segment. Additionally, the milestone that the company has achieved includes computer software and hardware, entertainment, advertising, publishers and telecoms. Further, the continuing sections throw light upon the PEST analysis of Google, for understanding the Political, Economical, Social and Technological forces affecting the corporation.
PEST Analysis
According to Kotler and Armstrong (2004), PEST is considered as being an effective marketing tool for comprehending and understanding diverse political, social, economical and technological forces affecting a company or industry. It is chiefly employed for analysing a company’s outside environment (Kotler, 1998). Moving further, continuing sections throw light upon the PEST analysis of Google.
Political/Legal Forces Affecting the Industry
Brophy and Bawden (2005) state that formal companies haven’t impacted Google’s procedures considerably although the company has experienced high pressure from the Justice Department for turning down the archived search word and terms and from Chinese government as well for editing the search outcomes. The “Don’t be evil” mantra proposed by Google has been under assessment as the people enquire if the collaboration with government entities has an impact upon their privacy. In response to this, in 2008, the company responded to the users’ concerns by inserting a privacy link on the home page. Additionally, this privacy link ca
ied users to some Privacy Center where they could easily learn about...

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