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Ismail ibn ‘Abd al-Qadir, The Life of the Sudanese Mahdi (1884) Stage 1: Read Source 27.2Ismail ibn “Abd al-Qadir, The Life of the Sudanese Mahdi (1884) in the textbook. Stage 2: Identify and read two...

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Ismail ibn ‘Abd al-Qadir, The Life of the Sudanese Mahdi (1884)

Stage 1:Read Source 27.2Ismail ibn “Abd al-Qadir,The Life of the Sudanese Mahdi(1884) in the textbook.

Stage 2:Identify and read two secondary sources on the topic (i.e. search for British imperialism in Sudan, Muhammad Ahmad Ibn Abdallah (Mahdi), Mahdist rebellion).One of them should be the textbook. One of them should be an outside reading from the library’s database.

Stage 3:Answer the questions at the end of the source bottom of the page. Also, take in consideration the following questions. Why are the Mahdist revolting? Are Mahdist resisting British imperialism with their religious dogmatism?Use a word processor (like MS Word) to write your XXXXXXXXXXword response. Once you have completed the assignment, save a copy for yourself in an easily accessible place, and submit a copy to the writing assignment inbox. Do not upload a separate attachment. I will evaluate assignments for the following:

a) Useofpropergrammar,syntaxandspelling.

b) Don’tjustrepeatwhatis inthebook.Plagiarizedposts (wordscopiedfromthe web orprintmaterial)willresultinfailingtheclass.

c) Writtenassignmentsareyouropportunityto let meknowyourowninterpretationof thereadingandsubject matter.Whatwasthechapterabout?Areyousurprisedby somethingthat youlearnedhere?Doesitchangethewayyouthinkabout our and its past?

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The Mahdist Movement
There were several reasons that ultimately culminated into the Mahdist Revolution that challenged the authority and legitimacy of the Egyptian colonial government in Sudan. The religious dogmatism of the Mahdist eventually triggered a revolution that was targeted against the Egyptian government’s political ideology. The revolt was an Islamic revolt that was instigated by an apocalyptic
anch of Islam, Mahdism, which incorporated the idea of a golden age in which “the guided one” (the Mahdi) would restore the lost glory of Islam on the earth ("Mahdist Revolution (1881-1898)").
The Egyptian rule over the Sudan was gradually becoming unbearable for the Sudanese population. High rate of taxation, the extraction of slaves from the local population at will, and the complete control over all Sudanese trade eventually destroyed the livelihoods of the Sudanese people and it paved the way for the declination of indigenous practices ("Mahdist Revolution (1881-1898)"). Moreover, during the process of military conscription, innumerable Sudanese men and boys...

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