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INTL 725 Research Method Trade/Development Module 4 Theoretical Framework Name: Chona V. Cataquiz XXXXXXXXXXStudent Number: XXXXXXXXXX Instructor: Professor Luis Silva XXXXXXXXXXSec. 403 Mon.11:30 AM-...

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INTL 725 Research Method Trade/Development
Module 4 Theoretical Framework
Name: Chona V. Cataquiz XXXXXXXXXXStudent Number: XXXXXXXXXX
Instructor: Professor Luis Silva XXXXXXXXXXSec. 403 Mon.11:30 AM- 12:20PM
Variable exercise 1
What are the main types of variables discussed in this chapter?
The video of Module 4 Theoretical Framework explains the types of variables for the research method.
The mediator variable helps us explain the relationship between two variables- independent variable and dependent variable. Each variable has a definition and represents different items of information that affect once we collect the action in our cases. A lot of research define that the two primary variables are generally termed as the “predicto
dependent variable” and the “outcome/ independent variable”. Below is the figure image of three variables.
A mediating variable is a variable that affects/accounts for the relationship between a predictor variable and an outcome variable. Mediator variables explain why or how an effect or relationship between variables occurs.
Variable Exercise
A store manager observes that the morale of employees in her supermarket is low. She thinks that if their working conditions are improved, pay scales raised, and the vacation benefits made more attractive, the morale will be boosted. She doubts, however, if an increase in pay scales would raise the morale of all employees. Her conjecture is that those who have supplemental incomes will just not be ‘turned on’ by higher pay, and only those without side incomes will be happy with increased pay, with a resultant boost in morale. List and label the variables in this situation. Explain the relationships among the variables and illustrate them using diagrams. What might be the problem statement or problem definition for the situation? 
Here the situation clearly stated that the manager needs to gather sufficient data/ survey/sampling research. She can do the data sampling with the questionnaire. Since she’s still in doubt of what kind of benefits will equally boost employees’ morale.
In research from Howell XXXXXXXXXXThe co
elation of each variable is important. The co
elation is derived by assessing the variations in one variable as another variable also varies.
So if the Manager here already collected the data the variables will illustrate like this.
Moderating Variable- Boost Morale/ Improved Workplace condition
Dependent Variable/ predictor
Pay Increase
Independent Variable/outcome
Attractive benefits
Vacation or Travel
- Dependent Variable: wage increase
- Independent Variable: attractive benefits- vacation/travel
- Moderating variable: Managerial expertise plus
- the intervening variable: morale of employees and improved workplace condition
2. Morale = a (Benefits) + b(Increase Pay/Supplemental Income)
If the management already received the data sampling/ survey analysis or evaluation. The management must determine how much of an average salary boost is required to improve the morale of most workers. She must determine how much of an increase in employee morale may be achieved simply by changing working conditions or enhancing vacation benefits. Her goal is to raise staff morale by ten percent on average.(Howell, 2019).
In research from (Sekaran and Bougie et al., 2016 p.77) managers must know how to encourage and coordinate the talents of the various groups to make things work, therefore managerial expertise is an edge to effective organization. They are the first problem solver. The relationship of this 3 variables can be depicted as:
Independent variable- workforce diversity
Dependent variable- organizational effectiveness
Moderating variable- managerial expertise.
Howell, A. (2019, September 24). Research Terminology: What is a Mediator Variable? Copyright © 2022 Science of Working Theme by: ThemeGrill Powered by: WordPress. http:
esearch-terminology-what-is-a-mediator-variable/#:~:text=%20Research%20Terminology%3A%20What%20is%20a%20Mediator%20Variable%3F,involved%20a%20partially%20mediated%20relationship%2C%20it. . .%20More%20
Sekaran, U., & Bougie, R XXXXXXXXXXTheoretical framework and hypothesis development. In Research Method for Business: A Skill Building Approach (7th ed., pp. 72–79). Wiley.
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Neha answered on Feb 18 2022
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