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Instructions: In this assessment, you will examine a business in an industry that you have either previously worked in or would like to in the future. Leading up to the assessment submission, you must...

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Instructions: In this assessment, you will examine a business in an industry that you have either previously worked in or would like to in the future. Leading up to the assessment submission, you must participate in the Assessment 2 weekly discussions in the Discussion Forums on Blackboard. You will locate this discussion forum in the Assessment Area of blackboard. Weekly contributions are required in Modules 2-4. Please Remember your contributions to the discussion topics are one of the assessment attributes. (LMS please create an Assessment 2 Discussion Forum separately in the Assessment area of blackboard as students are required to participate in this to complete the assessment) Presenting a business example and contributing to the discussion forum, you will: • identify and analyse functional areas in the business • identify and analyse the internal and external stakeholders • compare two industries with each other • create a stakeholder matrix • discuss chosen stakeholders and industries in the context of relevant theories and frameworks Suggested format Your individual stakeholder analysis should follow standard report structure and include the following: • Cover page • Executive Summary o A concise summary of the main report in bullet points • Introduction and background information on your business example • Main body o Identify functional areas o Identify internal and external stakeholders and their roles o Identify the nature and degree of main stakeholders’ interests, and implications of conflicting interests o Identify the level of main stakeholders’ influence o Create a stakeholder matrix o In the discussion forum, choose an example from your peers and compare the industry your business operates in with their industry, identify the main points of stakeholder dissimilarities and analyse the differences in stakeholder interests and influences • Conclusion • References • Appendices (if necessary) Support your observations and statements by incorporating links to theory and conceptual frameworks. Please ensure your sources are referenced clearly in the APA 6th style both in-text and in the reference list. Referencing: It is essential that you use the appropriate APA
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Running Head: ACTIVITIES        1
Table of Contents
Activity 1    3
Stakeholder and Shareholder    3
Stakeholders or Shareholders    3
Example of Importance of Shareholder    3
Activity 2    4
Prioritising and Paying Attention to Stakeholders by Managers    4
What do Stakeholders want?    4
Business Ethics versus Everyday Ethics    5
Activity 4.2    5
Reactions of Customers on Plastic Bag Bans    5
Activity 4.3    6
Difference between Millennial and Older Generation    6
Impact of Millennial on Business    6
Recommendations for Companies to Attract Millennial    7
Activity 4.4    7
Rise in the shares of JB Hi-Fi    7
Incidence of New Corona Virus Cases as the State Assembles Return of International Students    7
Activity 4.5    7
Expectations and Comments on Business Friendly Countries, 2017    7
References    9
Activity 1
Stakeholder and Shareholder
Stakeholders are the parties who finance in an organisation and even have a stake in the success and achievements of the organisation. They are not only concerned as well as involved in the performance of the organisation but are also involved in the outwardness and the peripheral effects that originate from the accomplishments of the company.
Shareholders are the parties who fiancé in an organisation or business by buying shares of that organisation and have an economical interest in the accomplishments of the organisation. Te crucial aspect of shareholders is the fact that their finance in the organisation is often negotiable as well as temporary (Ba
ero & Marchiano, 2016).
Stakeholders or Shareholders
Stakeholders and Shareholders are equally important in any organisation. Usually the shareholders of an organisation are also included in the list of stakeholders, as they have financially invested their money in the organisation and have a stake in the accomplishments of the company. However, the stakeholders are not always the shareholders of the organisation. Stakeholders also include people of a community, government and organizational authorities, apart from the shareholders.
Hence, there have been conflicts in the past between shareholders and stakeholders in an organization (Freeman & Dmytriyev, 2017). Sine both of them are equally important and have equal say in any organisation, they are required to act sensibly and logically with securing their small term profits and interests at the cost of long-term feasibility of the organisation.
Example of Importance of Shareholder
    The shareholders do play a crucial role in an organisation. They have the power to control the strategy plans and implementation of these plans in an organization. For example, if the shareholders of a particular organization are not happy with the organization, they could dismiss the higher authorities of the organisation such as the directors (Romero, Ruiz & Fernandez‐Feijoo, 2019). They also have the power to pull back their money or sell their share, which could put the organisation into bankruptcy.
Activity 2
Prioritising and Paying Attention to Stakeholders by Managers
    The role of managers is to find out how the interests of the stakeholders such as the customers, communities, suppliers, employees as well as financers are directed towards the same direction. These groups of stakeholders are very important for a company to be successful. Managers could involve their employees and their creativity in strategy planning and implementation.
The manager should routinely check that their products meet the local custom, laws and pays attention to the quality of life in the community. The managers should also pay attention to the sustainability of the effects of the products on the society and its community (Barney, 2018). They should also make sure that their strategy and products are making...

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