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individually you are to source relevant documents (including a Code of Ethics and /or Professional Conduct, policy and/or procedural documents) to your professional interest (e.g.counselling...

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  • individually you are to source relevant documents (including a Code of Ethics and /or Professional Conduct, policy and/or procedural documents) to your professional interest (e.g.counselling psychology, town planning, community development or in consultation with your tutor)
  • devise a relevant scenario (case study) which you could encounter in your processional life and which contains an ethical dilemma
  • from your chosen documents select two or more that relate to your scenario and ethical dilemma
  • Assessment Criteria

    Written feedback will be given in a timely manner on the assignment plus an assessment feedback sheet commenting on each of the assessment criteria:

    Presentation 1 (10 marks)

    1. Selected documents are relevant to respective discipline (4 marks)
    2. Clearly outline relevant ethical theories which informed the selected documents (6 marks)

    Presentation 2 (10 marks)

    1. Proposed resolution is suitable option for the dilemma in the case study (5 marks)
    2. Clearly outlined relevant ethical theories which guided the resolution (5 marks)

    Essay (40 marks)

    1. Relevance of documentation: (15 marks )
    • You have sourced and chosen relevant documents for your profession and these are properly referenced in your synopsis. (Harvard or APA are acceptable) (2)
    • You have selected the appropriate sections of the document/s for the potential professional issues (case study) in your intended field and demonstrated this in your synopsis (3)
    • You have analyzed the document relevant to ethical theory/ies and demonstrated this in your essay (5)
    • Awareness of the interrelationship of the selected document/s with other workplace documentation and demonstrated this in your essay (5)
    1. Evidence of logical and critical reflection on the dilemma in the case study (15 marks)
    • Consideration of possible resolutions to dilemma and demonstrated this in your essay (5)
    • Use of suitable ethical approaches to solve the dilemma and demonstrated this in your essay (10)
    1. You have clearly addressed the question re minimal professional standards in your essay (10 marks) and weighting 60%
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Code of Ethics
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Sourcing of relevant documents in regards to professional interest    3
Devising a relevant scenario encountered in professional life containing an ethical dilemma    6
From the chosen documents selecting two or more that relates to the learner’s scenario and ethical dilemma    7
Conclusion    8
Reference List    9
The particular assignment would critically analyze a Code of Ethics for Community Development to the learner’s Professional Interest. The selected Code of Ethics is NASW (“The National Association of Social Workers”). Upon identification of the Code of Ethics, the Learner would devise a Case study that he could meet in his professional life, which contains an ethical dilemma as well. Thereafter the learner would relate the selected code of ethics with the scenario experienced by the learner.
Sourcing of relevant documents in regards to professional interest
NASW Code of ethics
The NASW code of ethics is identified as one of the most prefe
ed standards that assist social work and ethical practice across the globe. It is very much effective for community development which is the main objective of the learner. The NASW code of ethics comprises of a set of rules, regulations and principles ca
ied out by the social workers for the well-being of society (Racovita-Szilagyi and Bryan, 2016). The code comprise of 4 sections which are as follows:
This section highlights the mission and core values addressed by the social workers. The primary objective of the social workers is to ensure social well-being and address the necessary human needs, empowering particularly the ones who are subjected to oppression, vulnerability and poverty. The social workers take active participation in identifying social issues and thus promoting justice. Their activities could seek for community development. They try to eliminate social injustice, so that the vulnerable ones can address their own needs (Birnbaum and Lach, 2014). The core values comprise of “person worthiness”, “social justice”, “competency”, “dignity”, “service” and “social justice”.
Purpose of NASW Code of Ethics
It deals with the main functions associated with the major functions associated with the code and the necessary guidelines hand handling ethical issues and dilemma in the society. The six main purposes of the NASW Code of Ethics are as follows:
· It reflects upon the core values depending on what the mission of social work is identified.
· The code illustrates the ethical principles that provides a guide line for ensuring social justice
· The Code takes active participation in identifying the appropriate considerations in order to mitigate social injustice and uncertainties.
· It also addresses to a set of ethical standards in regards to which the social works are accountable to the public.
· It also takes up the initiative of socializing new practitioners to the overall standard and ethics of social work
· The code also investigates whether the Social Workers are subjected to any form of misconduct or not.
Ethical Principles
This section relates to various values that initiates social practice in the workplace. The ethical principles that the social workers need to comply with are as follows:
Value: Services
Ethical Principle: The social works should fully cooperate with the needy and vulnerable people and trey to address the issues faced in daily life.
Value: Social Justice
Ethical Principle:Social workers take active participation in challenging social justice
Value:Dignity and Worthiness of Individuals

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