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In your Journal Reflection, explain how these *4 images had the greatest influence on your understanding of the connectionbetween art/architecture, culture, and history. Do not do research. This...

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Journal Instructions ( (4 Typed Pages) double space
In your Journal Reflection, explain how these *4 images had the greatest influence on your understanding of the connection between art/architecture, culture, and history.
Do not do research. This reflection should be written entirely in your own words.
Note*It is okay to use information based on the pictures.
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Deblina answered on May 16 2023
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Reflection Journal        2
Reflection Journal on the Images
Throughout my exploration of art, architecture and history I haven counter numerous artefacts that have deepened my understanding of the interconnection between those realms. From the images that have been presented I would be revealing about the profound relationship that I have in terms of culture and history through this journal reflection. I will try to delve into these 4 images and elaborate on how they have influenced my understanding.
The image of the Fulani women at the Gerewol festival in 1980s evokes a sense of cultural vi
ancy and social dynamics. As a prior knowledge I know that this particular festival is a cele
ation of beauty and courtship among the people of Wodaabe tribe. From the image it is clear that these women are having an intricate bead work and distinctive facial and body paintings. The image resonates a context of cultural practices and have underscore the importance of visual representation and its ability to capture the cultural traditions and social dynamics. The image exemplifies how artistry and cultural expressions plays a vital role in shaping the identity and fostering connections within community and conveying a sense of pride in the cultural heritage.
The image evokes a sense of cultural richness and a significance of traditional practices in shaping the identity and the social dynamics of the community. This gives the clear picture about the culture and their relevance to the art of beadwork and the distinctive facial paintings. This particular visual representation captures the cultural practices and the way how the tribal women showcase their beauty and charm.
The second image is that of a Stepped Pyramid and a Mortuary Precinct of Djoser is a Testament to the architectural Innovation and religious beliefs of the Ancient Egypt. This particular structure as represented in the picture is quite different from that of the pyramid at Giza. This particular aspect projects the evolution in the construction of pyramids and laying the foundation for the future monumental tombs. In a more contacts to scenario by exploring the...

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