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In topics 1 & 2 you have been introduced to various project methodologies and processes. In 900 words , demonstrate your knowledge of these.Ensure you address the following areasand provide at least...

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In topics 1 & 2 you have been introduced to various project methodologies and processes.In 900 words, demonstrate your knowledge of these.Ensure you address the following areasand provide at least 6-8 appropriate references in APA style format:
1. Define what a project methodology is giving few definitions from various authors and the role it serves in project management.
2. Choose 1 methodology from this list to compare and contrast with methodology outlined by Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), analysing the similarities and differences between them both.List of project methodologies and processes
  • Agile XP
  • Waterfall
  • Agile Scrum

3. Finally, identify how your chosen methodology and processes relate to the project life cycle (PLC):

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Table of content
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    Introduction to project methodology and its role
    Comparison between Agile Scrum and Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).
    Choosing methodology for any project life cycle.
Introduction to project methodology and its role
To develop any project, a selection of methodology and related process is occu
ed. The project methodology acts as a guideline during completion of project. The life cycle of any project is defined under its selected methodology. So, the collective activities which are performed to complete any project according to requirement specifications, is known as project methodology [Terlizzi et al, 2016]. Some other authors defined it as a set of rules which are used as to develop specific project. The common phases of all project methodologies are: definition of problem or project requirement, actual plan of work, launch the developed plan to perform actual activities, define activities related to management of tasks, can finally deliver the project to cline and close it. So, from the phases of project methodologies it is clear that they are having very essential, effective and important role effectual management of project. The below given point are showing the methodology role regarding project management:
1. The project methodology is defined during the time of SOP development. So, it combines life cycle and delivery related work of any project.
2. For completing any project different type of stuff is required. The skill set of team members on any project are defined through project methodology.
3. The project methodology is also used to define the partnership and relationship among different project components [Cuppen et al, 2016].
4. The project methodology is used to define the data scatters in any project.
5. On the bases of cost and time given by client, the project manager makes selection of project methodology. So, it provides a rough idea of time requirement regarding any specific project development.
6. Each project faces so many issues during its completion. The methods to overcome such...

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