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In this assignment, you will be provided a scenario (problem) involving a public health leader that you will need to analyse using the knowledge gained from this subject for 3 modules. Subsequently,...

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In this assignment, you will be provided a scenario (problem) involving a public health leader that you will need to analyse using the knowledge gained from this subject for 3 modules. Subsequently, immersing yourself in the scenario, you will evaluate yourself as a public health leader. (Note: Scenario will be provided after Module 2). You will be writing a 2000‐word report in three parts, as follows: Part 1: Analyse the scenario of the public health leader, presented in the Australian public health context using the Australian Health Leadership Framework [ 1000 words ] (Australian Health Leadership Framework: ) Part 2: Undertake a self‐assessment using the Leadership self‐assessment tool [ 500 words ] NHSLeadership‐Framework SelfAssessmentTool.pdf . Apply the tool to obtain your results. (The tool is not automatic – you need to apply it honestlyPart 3: Imagine yourself to be in the situation. Reflect on your leadership style, its strengths, and apply them to this scenario. How would you have responded to the situation based on the self‐evaluation in part 2? Where do you see the gaps in your profile? Prepare an action plan. [500 words]Assessment Criteria: Your graded assignment will be assessed against the following specific criteria:> Demonstrated ability to analyse public health leadership scenario in the context, applying the Australian Health Leadership Framework to the scenario presented (40%)> Demonstrated ability to self‐assess leadership style, summarise and critique (10%) > Demonstrated ability to contextualise, reflect on leadership style, assess gaps and prepare an action plan for improvement (30%)> General assessment criteria (20%):1.Provides a lucid introduction2. Shows a sophisticated understanding of the key issues3.Shows ability to interpret relevant information and literature in relation to chosen topic4. Demonstrates a capacity to explain and apply relevant concepts5. Shows evidence of reading beyond the required readings6.Justifies any conclusions reached with well‐formed arguments and not merely assertions o Provides a conclusion or summary7. Correctly uses academic writing, presentation and grammar: Complies with academic standards of legibility, referencing and bibliographical details (including reference list) , Writes clearly, with accurate spelling and grammar as well as proper sentence and paragraph construction , Uses appropriate APA style for citing and referencing research
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Health Care         2
Table of contents
Part 1    3
Part 2    5
Part 3    15
References    16
Part 1
Public health is one of the most effective indicators of the overall growth of any society. The average health status of any population determines the internal developmental status of that particular population (World Health Organization. 2018). In the case of measuring the public health status, a proper representation of the public health leadership can be noticed. By recognizing the local health issues and complexity in the health care sectors the health leaders frame the fruitful initiatives. Any community or any particular area generally maintains a few guidelines in order to adopt a suitable health standard and the quality of the health depends upon the efficient activities of the health leaders (World Health Organization, 2006). The overall health condition of the society along with the overall rate of the development of the technology in the field of public health care implies the superior plans and the impactful implementation of those plans (World Health Organization. 2019).
In this particular scenario, a specific moment of real-life problems regarding public health has been demonstrated. As mentioned here in the given scenario, Helen is a 35 years general practitioner and she was practicing in Wa
nambool for 5 years. In the field of new public health officers of the area, Helen is a perfect nomination according to her qualifications and experience but it seems she is too old to handle all this skepticism over her working, please. As an influential public health leader, it has become her duty to focus on all the sites of the public health department. The proper policy of engagement with the community, various health promotion plans, and services, health issues, and other needs for the disease and the sustainability of the environment is needed to be taken care of efficiently by the public health leader. In the working field, a scarcity of specialist services and other facilities can be observed on a large scale. It has become a matter of concern for Helen and also effective steps are needed to be taken. In this phenomenon of the development of the public health of society, a huge range of immediate actions is needed to be taken. As a GP, Helen has been exploring several options of teleconsultation and telesurgery for the betterment of the quality of care and services in the area. In case of resolving all the issues in the working domain, Helen has faced various problems and issues. Her leadership has also been viewed with skepticism by the seniors and stakeholders. Not only her colleagues but also her citizens were also uncertain of Helen’s new senior leadership role as a public health officer. The optimistic nature and excellent character and qualifications of Helen provide an extra degree of confidence in case of dealing with those issues.
In this particular part, a significant discussion of the leadership styles in the health sectors has been discussed in order to get a suitable conclusion and result in the leadership style of Helen. As opined by Ginter, Duncan & Swayne (2018), in the vast set of discussions, it can be observed that the leadership style in the health care sectors requires a huge set of essential qualities. Such qualities are being mentioned below.
· development of personal skills to lead self
· qualities of working with others
· creation of the vision and setting up proper planning to shape the system
· Managing and improving the service
· Setting up strategies and directions
· Creating visions to get the desired outcome
To develop an equitable and sustainable working environment with a proper quality of the service the implementation of the proper leadership style is much needed. According to the Australian health leadership framework the health leaders are needed to be capable enough to face various internal as well as external challenges at the place of work (Dziegielewski & Holliman, 2019). The capabilities of innovation and improvement make a leader more powerful in case of making decisions. Here judging the following scenario it can be said that Helen is bearing various effective leadership qualities in her personality. The optimistic nature of her can lead her to the path of the improvement of the personal domain of fruitfulness to...

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