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In this assessment, you are required to provide a complete report of your research project, that you chose in Assessment 3 (Research Project Abstract) by discussing the following aspects: Overview of...

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In this assessment, you are required to provide a complete report of your research project, that you chose in Assessment 3 (Research Project Abstract) by discussing the following aspects:

  • Overview of the technology involved
  • Relevant technologies and applications of those technologies
  • Highlighting the challenges/problems in your chosen research area
  • Identification of any gaps in the literature by:
    • discussing areas/issues that you believe have been addressed in the current literature;
    • highlighting areas/issues that have not been addressed or adequately addressed; and
    • discussing your view(s) on the issue(s) that you see as being critical.
  • Summarize the future research directions based on the identified gaps

To accomplish the above, you are expected to read and critically evaluate recent research in your selected research area by citing aminimumof 5 research articles. Students are encouraged to access such research articles from well known and reputed research portals such as IEEE, ACM, Springer, Wiley etc. Please note Wikipedia and general blogs will not be considered as reputable citations.

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Security and privacy issues in Internet of Things                         9
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Table of contents
Relevant Technologies and their Applications-------------------------------------------- 4
Challenges & Problems-----------------------------------------------------------------------5
Gap Analysis-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------7
The internet of things has relatedly more number of technological security and privacy issues as related to the number of security and privacy issues related to other technologies. The internet engineering task force is dedicatedly designing the authorisation and the authentication mechanisms for the devices which are being used using the technology of Internet of Things. Internet of things uses devices which are small and a part of much bigger circuit. These small sensors measure the variables such as light, motion, temperature, pulse, pressure and lots more.
Relevant Technologies and their Applications
Internet of things is a relatively new concept in the technological world and many people do not understand the use of technologies in the IOT. IOT consists of an amalgamation of multiple technologies. These technologies include:
Networking topologies – There are 2 ways to connect the IOT devices, star and mesh. A star network that uses the Bluetooth node can connect only a limited number of nodes and the cost of expansion is relatively higher(Sicari, S., Rizzardi, A., Grieco, L. A., & Coen-Porisini, A. (2015).)
Networking and Networking types – The personal area network is mostly used for the IOT devices which covers a range of about 10 meteres. A common PAN is connected by bluetooth technology
Wireless Protocols – Some of the most innovative changes that are taking place in the industry are due to wireless protocols. The protocols are based on the following characteristics: Range of connectivity, Power requirements, Networking topology and the data transfer blocks (Borgohain, T., Kumar, U., & Sanyal, S. (2015))
Bluetooth low energy and Bluetooth smart – Bluetooth and Bluetooth smart have become an important part of consumer products and file transfe
ing. Bluetooth smart cannot be used for file transfe
ing like Bluetooth. The industry predicts that the bluetooth enables phone to be bluetooth smart bu the end of 2018
Z-Wave – It is a communication technology which requires v.low power, low data rate and is designed for home automation. The full mesh network is supported by the Z-Wave and allows control up-to 232 devices
Zigbee – The various industrial profiles including the Zigbee...

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