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Imagine you are a network administrator for Arr Company. The company has six offices in the city of Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs. You need to prepare a networking solution that enables...

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Imagine you are a network administrator for Arr Company. The company has six offices in the city of Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs. You need to prepare a networking solution that enables employees in all six offices to communicate both internally in that office and, to a lesser extent, between the other offices. The farthest distance between any two offices is 70 kilometres. Most user resource requirements are met by servers located in the same office as the users who need to access them. The main communication requirements between offices relate to e-mail and periodic file transfers. You have been promised a budget sufficient to meet the requirements, but you have also been told to keep costs to a minimum.

The company’s head office, on the other hand, occupies the top three floors of a building within the Melbourne CBD. Other companies have offices on the floors below. The head office consists of three departments: general support, marketing, and sales. General support occupies the first of the three floors, while marketing and sales are on the second floor and third respectively. General support has 32 workstations, marketing has 20 workstations, and sales has 38 workstations. Some applications require that data be transferred between departments, but generally, each department has its own applications. Everyone needs access to the Internet, the company internal Internet (intranet), and e- mail. You want to design the network that is as easy to manage as possible. You want to minimise the potential impact of problems on any one floor to the other two floors. You are implementing this network as a wired network.


Write a report that address the following Criteria.

  1. Your report should include a brief introduction at the beginning of the report [5 marks]

  2. Report should include relevant references and should be properly cited in text using the IEEE style of referencing. [5 marks]

  3. Design a wide area network solution for this company showing all the six office locations and any interconnecting devices such as routers, if any are used. What are some of the potential concerns related to the connections between the offices? [10 marks]

  4. Design a local area network solution for the company’s head office showing the locations of all workstations and interconnecting devices, such as hubs, switches, and routers, if any are used. Show also the connection that provides Internet access. [10 marks]


  1. Discuss the type of local area network wiring you would recommend and provide reasons to support your recommendation. [5 marks]

  2. Discuss the type of local area network topology and protocol that you would recommend. [5 marks]

  3. Draw a floor plan for each floor at the company’s head office. If possible, show both floor plans on one page. [15 marks] Use the following assumptions:

    •  Available hubs and switches have a maximum of 24 ports.

    •  Some software applications and large data sets reside on departmental servers.

    •  To support e-mail, a server is needed.

    •  To support the company intranet, a server is needed.

    •  The company does not have an unlimited budget but is willing to invest in quality technology.

    •  The company does not have an unlimited budget but is willing to invest in quality technology.

  4. Provides a comprehensive summary of the work done [5 marks]

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Student Name
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Network Design – A
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Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Wide Area Network (WAN) Solution    3
Local Area Network (LAN) Solution    5
Preferable LAN Cable    7
Floor Plan for Every Floor    7
Recommendations    9
Summary    10
References    10
When we require to access other remote systems which interface two local networks altogether or we can say can provide access to organization's LAN, we require a connection of Wide Area Network solution. As the name infers, WANs is used for substantial geographical region. This can be a system between two u
an communities or as wide as Internet. [1] According to given scenario, being a network administrator, my responsibility is to design a network for A
company that has six offices in Melbourne city. The network must empower all the staff in every one of the six workplaces to impart internally as well as, to a lesser degree, between alternate workplaces. The farthest distance between any two workplaces is 70 kilometers. The principle communication necessities in the organization identify with email as well as transfe
ing files. The organization needs to be guaranteed with a financial plan that is adequate for fulfilling all prerequisites, however we have additionally been advised for keeping low cost for implementation of network.
Wide Area Network (WAN) Solution
Network plans change contingent upon the size as well as prerequisites of the associations. I would like to suggest Hierarchical network design for A
organization. The entire network will be divided into some discrete layers in hierarchical network configuration. Every layer or we can say level, in the chain of command gives some capacities that can characterize its role within the network system. This will help us to advance as well as select the co
ect system hardware, programming, as well as some features that are required to perform particular parts for that system layer. Hierarchical models will be applied to both LAN as well as WAN network design.
The main advantage of isolating a level network system into small, more sensible blocks is that local traffic will be local. This network traffic will be bound for different systems is moved to a higher layer. The three-level hierarchical network plan expands execution, organize accessibility, and the capacity to scale the system outline. [2] Utilizing a hierarchical model can enable A
to minimize the expenses. The organization can buy the appropriate internetworking devices for each layer of the pecking order, in this manner can avoid extra expenses on superfluous feature for the new layer. This idea of the hierarchical network plan can enable better scope quantification inside each layer of the hierarchy, along these lines lessening wasted transfer speed. Hence, we can say that system administration frameworks can be dispersed to the distinctive layers of a secluded system architecture for controlling the administration costs.
The main concern for implementing the hierarchical network design is to control the system distance across gives low as well as unpredictable latency. It likewise causes us to anticipate routing path, traffic flow, and limit necessities.. Strict control of the system topology at the access layer ought to be kept up. The access layer is considered as most defenseless to infringement of hierarchical network plan rules. Clients at the access...

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