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61164/part 1.docx
Gather Information
Question1: How many items do you want to see in the catalogue?
Answer: 20
Question2: What details do you want to see on the catalogue?
Answer: Image, price, and detailed name
Question3: Do you want individual trailers?
Answer: No, it would be better to have range of modular components.
Question4: Do you want to have any franchising sales outlets?
Answer: Yes
Question4: Are you planning to expand the website functions?
Answer: yes
Question5: Do you want to show information only about the standard trailers?
Answer: No, I want to see the information about the standard and customised trailers.
Question6: How are you planning to expand the business?
Answer: Through the opening of dealership.
Question7: What type of trailers are manufactured more?
Answer: Modular components.
Question8: Is there any design scope for the clients?
Answer: No, they will have unlimited design scope.
Question9: Will the website allow for the payments?
Answer: Yes, the customers can make the payment using cu
ent system.
Question10: What platform would you prefer to develop the website.
Answer: WordPress
61164/part 3.docx
Verification checklist
· The contents of the report are clear to me and it is written in normal English.
· The information provided in the report are co
ect and as per the information shared to you.
· I agree with the identified requirements.
· All the identified requirements written in the report are according to the scope of project.
· The requirements written in the project are according to the objectives and outcomes as follows:
1) Customer can place orde
2) Customer can customize orde
3) Payment will be made through online mode.
4) The sales and marketing team can check for orders and reviews.
5) Catalogue will be enhanced with images.
6) Different reports can be generated.
· I understand that these requirements will solve the following issues:
1) All the products will be available to the customers with images
2) Reasonable time will be allotted to the manufactures for each order.
3) The customer can customize their orders easily.
4) The customer will get unlimited design scope.
5) More modular components will be available for the customers.
6) The feedbacks can help the managers to enhance the service.
    Client Signature
[Student name]    Report Name
Information Gathering
Red Opal Innovations
Version 1
Table of Contents
No table of contents entries found. [update Table of Contents when finished]
Problem Statement
The tough trailers were founded in 2000 and they are based in Newcastle, Australia. They are known as architectural metal fa
icator. The operational department has served the produced metals to the construction organizations or the construction site directly from the factory. According to the financial information, annual revenue of this organization was found to be increased by 40% in every financial term and its recent turnover is $10 million (Sekaran and Bougie, 2016). Cu
ent volume of customers of Tough trailer is 1500. However, the management has decided to increase their customer base and modify the business processes through implementing Information Technology. This is the only reason for which this Company has contracted with Red Opal Innovation(ROI) to develop a software and create a website for adopting the BPA (Business Process Automation).
The price range has been classified in two sections, one is $1300 to $10,000 for the customers like car ca
iers, off-road trailers and horse floats. Another is $3000 to $9,500 for motor sportsmen and tradesmen (Lamport, 2019).
Context Diagram
Stakeholder Analysis Table
        Name, Position/Dept
        Requirements /Interests
        Customers (external)
        Want to see more examples of custom trailers
        May be asked to test prototypes
Will be end users
        Sales & Marketing
        Want to see the details of the customers and their orde
Handles queries
        They will be end users.
        Want to manage the budget and the...

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