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ICT_Ethics_Assignmentv3_Oct2016.docx Page 1 of 3 Ethics in ICT Assignment Welcome to the Ethics in ICT Assignment This study guide has been developed so that you, as a prospective ICT Professional,...

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ICT_Ethics_Assignmentv3_Oct2016.docx Page 1 of 3
Ethics in ICT Assignment
Welcome to the Ethics in ICT Assignment
This study guide has been developed so that you, as a prospective ICT Professional, understand your role
and responsibilities in regard to creating and adhering to a code of Ethics in ICT.
The definition of Ethics according to is a system of moral principles or the rules of
conduct recognised in respect to a particular class of human actions or a particular group, culture, etc.
Trust is an important part of the relationship between an IT services provider and their clients. A code
of Ethics can set an expectation as the basis for this trust immediately without having to go through the
pain of discovering who does what and when. Relationships sour due to miscommunication or
undelivered expectation. Setting the rules early in a relationship will ensure that expectations are clear
from the beginning.
To complete this Module you will need access to the internet.
Search for Codes of Ethics and review a few from different industries.
Please enjoy learning about the Codes of Ethics and how it relates to you and your organisation as an ICT
Feel free to contact your lecturer if you require any assistance.
The assignment will be
oken into two parts.
You have been provided with learning materials based around the Australian Computer Society’s Code
of Ethics and some supporting documentation, however many professional bodies and companies have
a Code of Ethics. Internet research is the main vehicle to gather required content for your assignment.
Ensure you have researched sufficiently to provide a detailed, relevant Code of Ethics. Ensure co
eferencing is used.
Now go to the Australian Computer Society (ACS) website
https: and read the code of
ethics. We as IT professionals have a responsibility to maintain a high standard of ethical behaviour in
the workplace. We are entrusted with a large amount of control over, and access to information and
data of our clients and others. Often we are communicating with clients who know little of our industry
and we have a responsibility not to take advantage of this situation.
ICT_Ethics_Assignmentv3_Oct2016.docx Page 2 of 3
Part 1
Your first assignment for this module is to create a Code of Ethics that pertains to you and your company
that you work for. If you don’t cu
ently work then you can base your Code of Ethics on a company you
have worked for or would like to work for.
Part 1-Code of Ethics
Code 500 words maximum.
12pt font single spaced.
- Access and become familiar with the cu
ent Australian Code of Ethics.
- Research other Codes of Ethics.
- Identify relevant content for your Code of Ethics
- Create a Code of Ethics
Part 1 Resources
The first part of the assignment will be require you to create a detailed Code of Ethics for your
organisation that is relevant to your organisations cu
ent policies and procedures.
ACS Media
New Code.pdf
(found on your MyUpskilled Portal)
Part 2
Your second assignment is to develop a policies and procedures to support your new Code of Ethics.
The idea behind the second part is to detail in simple terms how you will distribute the Code of Ethics
oth internally and externally. You also need to consider what happens if stakeholders are unhappy
with the Code, so you must get feedback on it and also what happens if someone
eaches the Code.
You will also need to list steps taken to educate the workforce on how to prevent any
eaches. Ensure
ect referencing is used.
ICT_Ethics_Assignmentv3_Oct2016.docx Page 3 of 3
Part 2-Distribution, evaluation and grievance
12pt font single spaced.
- Make recommendations for Implementation of the new Code of Ethics
- Create a feedback form and procedure for its use, including how often you will check
- Detail a procedure to determine compliance
- Detail in the event of infringement the actions, remedies, offences and penalties that will result,
asically a grievance procedure
- Recommend ways to educate staff to prevent infringement
You will need to submit:
 Code of Ethics
 Feedback form
 Feedback procedure and implementation plan
 Schedule of compliance checks
 Grievance policy
 Rollout process and staff training plan
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Code of Ethics
ABC Company is an IT System Integrator organization which takes the responsibility for being ethical as it owes to the society and the community of its employees and customers. The company needs its employees to follow high standards of ethics and professional competence. All the members of the organization must act responsibility and should feel responsible for their acts. Following codes of ethics would have to be followed by them (Parekh, 2017):
· Members must be honest while dealing with clients, fellow members, subordinates, juniors, peers, public officials, media and general public
· Activities or practices that can
ing discredit to the company must be avoided by members
· Members should not give misleading or wrong information
· The interests of all the customers as well as the employees of the company must be safeguarded including protection of confidential information about them
· Members must inform their clients and employees about any situation where a judgement can be questioned using personal interests or relationships
· Members should take payments only against the commissioned work
· Avoid putting, misleading facts, false or exaggerated claims about company, its products or services in their marketing
· No member should do anything that can spoil the reputation of the company or any other members
· Members should act as per the rules and policies of the organization
· Members should not misuse their title or designation for their personal benefit (Lighthouse Services, 2013)
Feedback form
What is your understanding of codes of ethics?
Very less    Adequate    Outstanding
1     2     3     4     5
What is your understanding of compliance helpline?
Very less    Adequate    Outstanding
1     2     3     4     5
How can we Improve?________________________________________________________________
This feedback is a suggestion/complain/compliment
1. About our products or services
a. Information
. Complaint
c. Licensing
d. Mistakes
e. Associations
f. Any other (Please specify)_______________________________
2. About specific issue
a. Policy or procedure
. Admin
c. Information accuracy
d. Staff response
e. Services quality
f. Charges
g. Any other (Please specify)_______________________________
3. What service or product are you refe
ing to?
4. How do you find our product services?
5. Are you a
a. Custome
. Employee
c. Partne
d. Othe
6. Please provide details____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Feedback procedure and implementation plan
Members of the organization and the customers can provide feedback for improvement of the products or services of the organization. Customer feedback would be taken in writing through a feedback form that would be sent to the customer over email or would be available to fill directly on the company website. Customer can also provide a ve
al feedback to the sales person or customer service executive over call which would be then recorded by the employee contacted. The feedback form would be available not just on...

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