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ICANWK503A – Install and Maintain Valid Authentication Processes RTO No: 20829 CRICOS Provider Code: 02044E ABN: XXXXXXXXXX STUDENT COPY- CR Assessment Resources Summary Unit Details ICTSUS501 -...

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ICANWK503A – Install and Maintain Valid Authentication Processes

RTO No: 20829
CRICOS Provider Code: 02044E
Assessment Resources Summary
Unit Details
ICTSUS501 - Implement server virtualisation for a
Sustainable ICT system
This unit requires each student to undergo adequate practice and
preparation prior to undertaking the assessments in a
classroom/simulated environment.
Students are required to complete ALL summative assessments
listed below in order to be deemed “Competent” in this unit of
Written Assessment
Assessment 1
Case Study
Assessment 2
Assessment 3
Assessment 4
Issue Date Fe
uary 2018
Version 1.2

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Assessment Resources ICTSUS501
Unit Summary
The unit objectives, prerequisites, co-requisites and other pertinent information about this unit
is described at https:

Students should refer to this unit in Moodle ( to access a list of resources
for this unit (see Learner Resources section for relevant articles, links, instructions for labs

Lab resources:

To complete labs, you can either do them on the VIT lab in rooms 4 in level 10, or you can do them at
home on your own computer.
If you choose to use the VIT lab in rooms 4 in level 10, you will need to open the virtual machine
ICTSUS501 in VMWorkstation.
Resources for Lab-1:
Read the Microsoft link below and follow the instructions to set up Hyper-V on your machine.

Resources for Lab-2:
Read the Microsoft link below and follow the instructions to set up Hyper-V on your machine
Finding log events for Hyper V

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Assessment Resources ICTSUS501
Assessment 1: Written Assessment

Student Name: ______________________________________________________________
Student ID No: ______________________________________________________________
Student Instructions:
• Your answers should be on a separate document using word processing software such as
MS Word & or other software (hand written submissions are only acceptable with prior approval
from your Trainer)
• Your document should be professionally formatted and include
o Your Name
o Your Student ID
o Unit Code
o Assessment Number (i.e. ICTSUS501 Assessment 1)
• Please reference to each question number and retype each question with your answers
• This is an open book assessment, you must answer every question and provide enough
information to demonstrate sufficient understanding of what has been asked to achieve
competency. Please ask your Traine
Assessor if you are unsure what is sufficient detail for an
• Ask your traine
assessor if you do not understand a question. Whist your traine
cannot tell you the answer, he/she may be able to re-word the question for you or provide further
assistance based on the Institute’s “Reasonable Adjustment Policy”
• Answers should be your own work, in your own words and not plagiarised, nor copied.
However, if an answer is cut & pasted (such as a definition), then the source should be

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Assessment Resources ICTSUS501
Information for Students

This is an open-book assessment. Write your answers to the questions below. Unless
otherwise specified keep all your answers below 100 words. Use your own words in the
answers – don’t copy information ve
atim from the Internet!
1. Briefly explain what is meant by the following terms:
• business domain;
• business function;
• organisation.
2. Summarise how I determine if a guest operating system, say Windows 2008 Server is
compatible with Microsoft Hyper V. If an operating system is not compatible with Microsoft
Hyper V, what, if anything, can I do to resolve the situation?
3. Describe how I would configure the following IP-related parameters on a Windows server: IP
address, subnet mask, and default gateway.
4, List two software products that are cu
ently used in industry to provide server virtualisation.
5. Give two examples of information about a server running virtualisation software you would
document as part of a technical specification for that server. For each example of information,
describe how you would gather the information.
6. In a project implementing a virtualisation solution, it is typical to have a planning process, a
uild process and a manage process. Give an example of how the outputs from one phase in
the project, such as the planning process, can become an input into the next phase of the
project, such as the build process.
7. List two system diagnostic tools I could use to gather information about servers that I am
considering for virtualisation. Briefly describe how I would use the tools.
8. When I am planning my server design for virtualisation,
iefly summarise the considerations
that would apply to configuring power supplies and power management on a server running
virtualisation software.

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Assessment Resources ICTSUS501
9. When I am planning my server design for virtualisation,
iefly describe at least two factors
that determine how much memory (RAM) is needed on a server running virtualisation
software, such as Microsoft Hyper-V.
10. When I am planning my server design for virtualisation,
iefly describe at least two factors
that determine how many processors are needed on a server running virtualisation software,
such as Microsoft Hyper-V.
11. When I am planning my network architecture for virtualisation, ,
iefly describe at least two
factors that determine how many network cards (NICs) and what bandwidth are needed on a
server running virtualisation software, such as Microsoft Hyper-V.
12. When setting up and installing Microsoft Hyper V, how do I determine what server hardware is
compatible with the software I want to install, i.e. what vendor resource would I consult to
answer this question?
13. Briefly describe the three types of virtual switches supported in Microsoft Hyper V.
14. Briefly describe the purpose of checkpointing in Microsoft Hyper V.
15. Briefly describe the following features as they apply to server CPUs
a. Single processor
. Multi-processo
16. You have been asked to research and analyse alternative virtualisations scenarios for a
company called DEF Corporation. The company wants to vritualise its existing servers, which
are cu
ently running operating systems such as Windows 2012 and Ubuntu Linux. Complete
the table below for comparing the virtualisation alternatives of Microsoft Hyper-V with Citrix
Xenserver 6.2. You should also note any risks associated with running either of the alternative
virtualization solutions, such as support a
angements, and finding skills in the product.
Option Hyper-V Xenserver
Support for Windows 2012 guests
Support for Ubuntu guests
Licensing costs (e.g. commercial or free)

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Assessment Resources ICTSUS501
Assessor Use Only
Assessor Comments
 Satisfactory (S)  Not Satisfactory (NS)

Assessor Signature: _______________________________ Date: _____________

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Assessment Resources ICTSUS501
Assessment 2: Case Study

Information for students
This is a project
eport assessment task. You have the option of doing the task as a group (3
students maximum per group). You should use the Case Study Report Template (see Learner
Resources for the unit) to help you structure your assignment. Write your report, making sure to list
all the students who are in your group in the Introduction to the report. All students need to hand in a
copy of the report as part of their assessment submission.

For this assessment task, you need to prepare a report that outlines a server virtualisation plan,
designs a virtual server specification and describes how a virtual server will be installed and tested,
for a college called ABC College. ABC cu
ently has 20 physical servers, with different Operating
System, CPU utlilisation, RAM utilisation and application software requirements (see ABC College
Hardware and Software inventory below).

ABC Hardware and Software Inventory .

ABC College is cu
ently running physical servers with the following characteristics:

Operating System Number of
CPU Utilisation (Ave.) Memory Utilisation
Amount of disk
space used
Windows 2012
4 5 50 4TB
Windows 2008

ABC College has an organisational policy prefe
ing a fully virtualised solution, so is looking for a
solution that will enable it to virtualise all its existing servers. ABC College has already done some
feasibility study of how it could virtualise all its cu
ent servers that has confirmed this should be
possible. ABC College also and has an organisational preference for Microsoft solutions.

That initial feasibility report on server virtualisation has noted the following points

• Any virtualization cluster should not have a single point of failure i.e. the cluster should have a
minimum of two nodes,
• A preference for a Hyper-V solution
• Data can be migrated between physical and virtual servers of the same type by using the
company’s backup software to backup files from the physical machine and restore them on a
new virtual machine

Your report is being prepared for Ms. Johnson, the IT Manager at ABC College.

Your report should include the following parts (see the ICTSUS501 Case Study Report Template) in
Learner Resources for this subject.

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Assessment Resources ICTSUS501

• Briefly describe the purpose of the report, who the report is prepared for, and the names and
student ids of the students in your group

Part 1. Plan server virtualisation:

For part 1 of your report,
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Shikha answered on Apr 08 2020
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ABC College        2
Assessment 2: Case Study
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Virtualization is defined as the central empowering innovation of the Scalable Enterprise. Various patterns in virtualization are continually evolving. As the innovation develops as well as progresses are made, more choices open to directors and that's just the beginning cost saving virtualization project that can be executed. The principle motivation behind utilizing virtualization innovation is to solidify workloads with the goal that physical machine which could be multiplexed for a wide range of clients. This can enhance the proficiency of a server room by enabling maximum work which needs to be completed on small physical hubs, and also it can enhance the per-server vitality proficiency in light of the fact that ideal servers can have a lot of energy. In this paper, we mainly concentrate on the virtualization of server, and the proposed model can assist us for the encryption as well as can store all its VM in a reasonable storage area. Virtual server is the consistent portrayal of physical server in programming. According to given scenario, ABC possess 20 physical servers, with various Operating System, CPU utilization, RAM use and application programming prerequisites. In this report, we will make a proposal for server virtualization process for ABC College and is meant for Mr. Johnson, who is IT manager at ABC College. (Sarddar, D. & Bose, R., 2014).
Plan Server Virtualization
Hypervisor innovation is the software where various virtual machines may possibly run using hypervisor layer and by controlling hardware as well as distributing assets to every VM OS. We have chosen Hyper-V as the virtualization solution for virtual servers because of its less cost, easy backup facility, comprehensive security etc. (Collins, T., 2016).
    Solution Component
    Indicative cost
    Windows Datacenter licenses + 2 years SA
    Virtualization Mgmt SW
    Incremental Cost of Microsoft Premier Support
    $26,040. (Dani, C., 2012).
Design Virtual Server Specification
So as to run Hyper-V, we require servers with 64-bit CPUs that have either Intel-VT or AMD-V hardware innovations that can enhance the performance of virtualization and can have better application response times which is accessible as well as empowered. The main necessities that the framework should meet will contingent upon the number as well as guest operating system. For instance, to run various virtual machines simultaneously, the physical PC must have at any rate enough memory to cover the prerequisites of the host OS and every guest OS. We should allude to the framework necessities to guarantee that the framework assets will support its deployment.
In order to store virtual machines and utilize high-accessibility highlights or VMotion, we require some centralized storage which is associated with every single virtual server and, similarly essential, storage that is perfect with the separate virtualization platform. A strong network system will be required with Gigabit Ethernet which is associated with all servers that enables us to move VMs that are virtualized and in addition can...

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