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I want some probabilities & payoff matrix in the assignment TaskThe following collaborative research project requires you to work in groups, each group consisting of approximately 2 or 3 students....

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I want some probabilities & payoff matrix in the assignment

TaskThe following collaborative research project requires you to work in groups, each group consisting of approximately 2 or 3 students. Please confirm your group composition with your lecturer.Going BIGYou and a group of investors are interested in developing a tourist destination including a ‘Big’ tourist attraction, motel, café and a souvenir shop at a location in Australia. Examples of similar tourist attractions include the Big Merino in Goulburn and the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour.The aim of this tourist destination is to provide an additional tourist experience for the tourists who already come into the Local Government Area (LGA). In order to do this successfully you need to ensure that thelocation you choose will support your business over the next 10 years.Your minimum criteria are:• significant tourism interest already in the LGA, and• appropriate transport facilities for tourists to travel to your tourist destination.These are the minimum criteria – you should identify additional criteria that you can use in making this business decision.Your task is to prepare a report to be presented to your co-investors which identifies two locations in Australia which meet your criteria. Your report should demonstrate how these locations meet the minimum criteria above and the additional criteria which you have identified. You should also identify any additional statistical information that you have not been able to source that is required before a final decision is made to start building the tourist destination.Making presentations and working in teams are important professional skills. As agraduate accountant with a Masters degree you are expected to be able to justify and communicate accounting advice and ideas in diverse collaborative contexts. In doing this assessment you are developing and demonstrating some of these skills.Guidance for effective collaborative work is available in Resources.Your report should be professionally presented as a PowerPoint with voice added to each slide. The voice addition that you make is your presentation to the other investors. It should not simply repeat what you have on the slide. Your presentation (5-7 slides not counting the slides with references) needs to sell what you have researched.Here are some resources you can use to help you prepare the best presentation. Only one team member need submit the PowerPoint presentation but each team member must submit a 250 word individual reflection on the team process. may choose how you want to work as a group. Some suggestions are to use one or a mixture ofSkype, Face time, Google Docs – there are many more. Initial information on how to use these can be found by doing an online search – see some suggestions below: allocationDevelopment and explanation of criteria 1.5Substantial data collection, analysis and conclusion 3Quality of presentation 1.5Individual reflection on the group process. 4

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Tourism destinations in Australia
Tourism destinations in Australia
The origin of the name of Brother Baba Budan came from the name of Sufi from the 17th century. As per the hearsay, this Sufi had smuggled 7 seeds of the coffee beans from the middle eastern area.
It was because the trading of coffee beans were not allowed in middle eastern area. After the smuggling of beans he came back to India and he was the first one to
ing the crop of coffee in India. Now this café is also known as “seven seeds” and it is happy and noisy place for hang out with the waiting time of 10 minutes. There is one large communal table fitted in the centre. It is advisable for the visitors to prefer takeaway rather than waiting to sit there as in number of chairs on the ceiling is more than the number of chairs on the floor. The price of the coffee is in between the range of $4 to $5.
    For evoking the timeless appeal of 1930s Shanghai, Mr. Wong was designed. Mr. Wong is known as one of the largest restaurant situated on two floors and nearly 240 seats, in the northern end of the Sydney Central Business District which is located in the premises of Hotel complex and Establishment Entertainment.
Services provided by the Mr. Wong includes lightning design, commercial kitchen design and interior design. In Australian history, Mr. Wong has proved to be one of the most successful restaurants since its opening in 2012. By the Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Food Guide, this restaurant was awarded by two hats yearly. For its fit out as well as its design, Mr. Wong's success created significant press coverage and Magazine covers stories as well.
BROTHER BABA BUDAN- this place in Melbourne, Australia has received many positive reviews from the tourists as well as from its customers. This placed has got fame due to its overwhelming response from its visitors.
MR. WONG- this place in Sydney,...

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