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I need to submit the case to the tutor for the aprroval after that u can start the assignment so send me case structure of below attached files

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I need to submit the case to the tutor for the aprroval after that u can start the assignment so send me case structure of below attached files
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Perla answered on Mar 18 2020
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Project Failure study – 2000 Common Wealth Avenue, Boston
Running Header: Project failure study – 2000 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston
Title: Project failure study – 2000 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston
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Date: 19/03/2018
I hold the copy of this assignment that can be produced if the original is lost/damaged. To the best of my belief, no part of this assignment has been copied from any other student’s work or from any other source except where due acknowledgement is made in the text. No part of the work has been written for me by any other person, except where such collaboration has been authorized by the lecturer concerned.
Signature and Date:
2000 Common wealth Avenue, Boston has witnessed a disastrous collapse of 17 storeys building in January, 1971. There are altogether 16 storeys in the building in the upward direction and there are two storeys in the downward direction in the ground. In immediate aftermath of the collapse of the building and in the root cause investigation procedures followed up three reasons were actually attributed to the collapse of the building initially, the first is the pouring of large quantity of freshly poured concrete on the upper work, due to the weight of which the form work got crushed and collapsed. The other reason attributed to the building collapse is due to the fall out of a welding compressor from a crane on to the top of the building, the sudden impact load of which has created the collapsing load on the building. The third reason is that the strength of the concrete, which is poured previously on the building is not upto the standards and has resulted in the collapse of the building, the strength of the concrete is less and not upto the requirements as the weather in the vicinity is cold and the concrete does not have the necessary curing and the strength remained low. The final analysis and the studies indicated that the punching shear strength of the top floor is responsible for the collapse of the building. It is informed that myriad of factors and the causes are cumulatively responsible for the collapse of the building, which included poor strength of the concrete, improper shoring of the floors, negligible quality control, no compliance with the standard procedures to be followed during the construction process. Also there is total absence of the controls and there are several owners changed their hands during the total construction process and finally contributed to the collapse of the construction causing loss of lives, injuries and property loss.
Background to the project:
Actually, the project is supposed to start in the location as a small level construction of seven storey building, however as the construction could not start in the right time the permit issued for the construction got elapsed. Later in the aftermath, there are substantial changes in the proposed designs and the number of storeys are included to the existing designs, actually the design is modified to about 14 storeys and subsequently there is detailed construction design and procedures are laid on the construction plan. However, still the permit is not granted to the construction due to numerous reasons. During the course of the time the ownership of the construction undergone changes and somehow a permit is granted in 1969. At the outset the project lacked the presence of dedicated and consistent designers as well there are no consistent owners present for the project. These factors actually contributed to the escalation of the seriousness and the possible failure of the project. Also the design changes further modified the structure to include about 16 top floors and the two bottom floors in totality. This is actually an early sign of possible failure of the project.
Failure mechanism:
In accordance with the detailed studies and the analysis conducted in the aftermath of the collapse of the building different failure proposals are prepared by the analysts, however more or less there are three analyses proposed and provided an explanation to what went wrong during the building construction...

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