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i need to get minimum 70% marks to pass this subject so i hope you guys do it that way

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i need to get minimum 70% marks to pass this subject so i hope you guys do it that way
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Impact of IT on Business
Running Head: Impact of IT on Business
Impact of IT on Business         1
Impact of IT on Business
Table of Contents
Introduction    1
Advantages and Disadvantages of the new POS System    1
Role of POS system in helping business houses to gain competitive Advantage    2
Benefits of having a centralized database    3
Role of POS System in decision making    4
Telecommunication options for POS System    4
Potential Risks caused by the POS System    5
Ways to protect the business against the risks    6
Conclusion    6
References    8
In today's environment, the technological changes create a lot of challenges in front of the small and large level organizations. Both types of companies are fighting together in a particular market to sustain for an extended period. Each business owner precedes the business activities to gain significant profit and reputation within the belonging industry. Therefore, they decide the point of sale system implementation. This system gives them an opportunity to enhance the transparency and efficiency of their business transactions and improve the cu
ent profitability of their organizations. In this paper, we have been provided the answer to some case-based questions. The case is related to "Blooming with Technology." It is connected to two companies named as Greenhouse and Nursery. In order to gain profits in their businesses, both companies decided to implement the new point-of-sale system within their operations. The primary motive of companies behind the use of the point-of-sale system is to track useful business data and improve the ultimate productivity of the company. Hence, the answers of case-based questions are provided as per the secondary research sources. The secondary research sources are used to provide appropriate responses to the queries and enrich them with a wide range of data. The main reason behind the use of secondary research sources is that they are reliable and easy to use. Apart from this, the secondary research sources have enough potential to give the right answers to the case based questions.
Advantages and Disadvantages of the new POS System
Van Horn (2016) explained the point-of-sale system as a system which is a combination of hardware and software that permits merchants to take transactions on day to day basis and simplify their operations effectively. POS system comes with a lot of advantages and disadvantages that further becomes the reason for an organization success and failure. The first and foremost advantage of POS system is that it helps business houses to track useful business data. Most of the companies can use the POS system to identify and track available sales data at the time of the sale. It helps them in avoiding the e
ors happened through the manual sales tracking system. The second advantage of new POS system to Greenhouse and Nursery organization that they can process and store data from the sale on immediate basis. This helps them in maintaining the sales history and updating the cu
ent inventory level (Ward, 2015). Apart from the advantages, there are also some disadvantages that might face by the Greenhouse and Nursery organizations. The first disadvantage is that new point-of-sale system requires regular updates from the client side. In the absence of regular updates, it becomes difficult for the organizations to maintain the productivity of POS system. Apart from this, another significant disadvantage is the presence of a wide range of security risks. The use of POS system is not safe for business houses. It involves a large number of security risks that may destroy the whole organization.
Role of POS system in helping business houses to gain competitive Advantage
POS system plays a vital role in supporting business houses to gain competitive advantage. It proves a useful source to gain a competitive advantage in favor of business houses (Van Horn, 2017). At first, the use of POS system promotes the advancement in sales transactions system. As a result, Greenhouse and Nursery companies come with electronic registers to maintain and track their inventory. On the basis of an automated inventory tracking system, they can significantly realize a significant proportion of their profits and satisfy a wide range of customers. Apart from this, Turner (2018)...

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