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I need to 3 to 5 reference not more than also please all reports based on issues discrimination the reserch question is what are the causes of discrimination related to disability at workplace in...

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I need to 3 to 5 reference not more than also please all reports based on issues discrimination the reserch question is what are the causes of discrimination related to disability at workplace in Australia. The all assignments research based in this question
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Karishma answered on Aug 16 2021
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Discrimination towards disabled at work place in Australia : Causes and impact
Workplace discrimination in Australia has been a major issue in several organizations. It is important that the causes of workplace discrimination be understood and mitigated through awareness, equal opportunity and legislation. In case of disability, the levels of discrimination are extremely high. Lack of equal opportunities, not being given equal pay and even not being treated as an equal are just some of the issues that a disabled individual faces at work place in Austrlaia. It becomes crucial to research the causes and present adequate resolution to this problem in order to enable individuals obtain equal opportunities. This research paper reviews articles relating to workplace discrimination against disabled in Australia and presents an analysis of the research done based on research methodology and research outcomes.
Article description
The article chosen is "A systematic review of workplace disclosure and accommodation requests among youth and young adults with disabilities, Disability and Rehabilitation" by Sally Lindsay, Elaine Cagliostro & Ga
iella Carafa  (2018). The article presents a systematic review to evaluate the existing literature on disability and discrimination against disabled people at workplace based on accommodation in Australia. As workplace accommodation is a proven strategy in supporting individuals with disabilities at work, the article explores various elements that can help implement accommodations at work places around the world. This has been done through obtaining responses from research participants about the possible disclosure strategies and how disclosure can be used in order to resolve this issue. The focus remains on using a multitude of methods to analyze existing literature and evaluate how discrimination against disabled individuals can be mitigated (Sally Lindsay, Elaine Cagliostro & Ga
iella Carafa, 2018).
a. Rationale and background of the study
Discrimination is a major issue faced by disabled individuals at work place in Australia. There is a need to ensure that there be effective management of the workplace environment to accommodate the disabled in order to ensure that there is no discrimination against the disabled. Creating a supportive work environment for the disabled requires a clear understanding of the causes of discrimination against the disabled. This can be studied through research based on literature as well as surveys. Moreover, in accordance with the different legislations in Australia, including workplace discrimination and exploitation legislations and other measures for supportive work environment for the disabled, it is important for work places also to consider forming an environment which is supportive and inclusive of disabled individuals (Sally Lindsay, Elaine Cagliostro & Ga
iella Carafa, 2018).     
It is not easy for a person suffering from disability to find a job. It could result in settling for a lower wage or for underemployment. Moreover, once an individual with disability gets a job, it is all the more difficult to sustain due to social and cultural ba
iers, lack of accommodation and inclusion and lack of awareness. In the coming times, it is extremely important that there be legislations and awareness which can improve the situations at work place and mitigate discrimination against disabled through inclusion and accommodation.
. aims and objectives of the study
The provision of workplace accommodations is a proven strategy in supporting individuals with disabilities at work. Accommodations would help formulate strategies which help organizations ensure that disabled individuals are provided with equality at work through equal opportunities and creation of a better level of acceptance. As accommodation is not well defined by the Australians with Disabilities Act in the United States, it becomes important to focus on company policies alongside CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) of the organization. Understanding accommodations is important to measure the impact of programs that support employment of individuals with disabilities (Sally Lindsay, Elaine Cagliostro & Ga
iella Carafa, 2018).
c. overview of research methods used - techniques for sampling, data, collection and data analysis
The research conducted includes a systematic search of nine international databases identifying 27 studies meeting the inclusion criteria. These studies were analyzed with respect to the characteristics of the participants, methodology, results of the studies and the quality of the evidence. Random sampling has been used to analyze and research the different elements of the research. It has benefitted through building an adequate understanding of how the disability discrimination causes can be studied. (Sally Lindsay, Elaine Cagliostro & Ga
iella Carafa, 2018).
Article analysis
a. overall research design    
The overall research design has been formed based on a scoping review method and analysis of research literature along with database study. It includes identification of workplace accommodation and identification of knowledge gaps along with actual best practices used by companies all around the world. It forms an adequate way to understand...

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