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Arun answered on Mar 18 2020
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Ethical Dilemma of a Project Manager and Solution
The report explains out the project manager ethical dilemma to close the project before the scheduled time or not because there are important work left to complete. Therefore the ethical dilemma causing him to ponder over the three alternatives, the video suggests. To a
ive at a conclusion the methodology of doing ethics techniques are used.
Main body
Doing ethics techniques process and solution
whets going on
after visiting to the manage office, or senior authority whom the project manager is to report, he finds himself in a fix because his senior demands to close the project as early as possible. there is one month time left and project manager even after responding to senior manager that there are certain inscription work left in the project, his senior seems adamant to close the project.
what are the facts?
the facts regarding project suggests that it has many works to complete and therefore, the deliverables quality of the project may be hampered. The CEO of the organization demands that company does not invest much time to complete the project and he wants it to be completed as early as possible. the video also shows three scenarios to make an ethical choice. These scenarios are explained later in the report. The project manager is confused to take action to safeguard the interests of project and parties involved in it.
what are the issues?
the issues of closing down the project work early due to unexpected demand from the management and likely negative consequences such as poor project output, safety issues and other issues.
Who is affected?
All the stakeholders that are involved in the project such as employees, vendors, suppliers, bankers, government, customers, environment, and society at large are affected negatively.
What are the ethical issues and implications?
The ethicality and ethical principles are clearly violated by the act. It seems that project manager is in a conflict about whether to promote shareholder theory or stakeholder theory. The shareholder...

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