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An important part of any career is professional development. Professional development can consist of attending conferences, taking additional courses, reading professional texts, or earning industry credentials. Many workplaces not only encourage professional development, but also provide employees with funds to be used for this purpose. Use what you have learned about relevant credentials in your course resources to complete this assignment.
Your manager has asked that you submit a request for professional development funds for an industry credential related to sustainability, business ethics, or operations management. Select one of the credentials covered in your course resources or a relevant credential you find online that meets your manager’s requirements. Explore the purpose, requirements, and career benefits of the credential, then complete the request using the Module Eight Assignment Template Word Document.
Specifically, you must address the following ru
ic criteria:
· Purpose: Briefly describe the purpose of your selected credential from a business perspective. The following questions can be used to help guide your description:
· What knowledge, skills, or expertise does it help recognize?
· What fields or industries is it relevant to?
· How widely known or recognized is it?
· Requirements: Identify the requirements for earning the credential. The following questions can be used to help guide your response:
· What is the financial cost for the credential?
· What is an estimate of the time required to earn it?
· What evidence needs to be provided to earn it, such as a portfolio, paperwork, exams, work experience, and so on?
· Does the credential require renewal, and if so, how does one renew the credential?
· Career Benefits: Describe the general career benefits for both professionals and organizations related to the credential. The following questions can be used to help guide your response:
· How might the credential impact a job application, or the types of jobs you could reasonably apply to?
· How might the credential impact your pay or expected salary for a new role?
· What specialized knowledge or skills would you gain from earning the credential, and how might they benefit the organization?
· Is the credential required or prefe
ed for regulatory requirements your organization must adhere to?
Guidelines for Submission
Submit the completed Module Eight Assignment Template. Sources should be cited according to APA style.

QSO 321 Module Eight Assignment Template
QSO 321 Module Eight Assignment Template
Complete this template by replacing the
acketed text with the relevant information.
    Date of Request
    [Insert text.]
    Purpose of Opportunity
    [Insert text.]
    Funds Requested
    [Insert text.]
    Nonfinancial Requirements
    [Insert text.]
    Professional Benefits
    [Insert text.]
    Organizational Benefits
    [Insert text.]
    Approving Manage
    Petey Penmen
Approval Signature: [Insert name]
Approval Date: [Insert date]
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