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College of Education EST 303 Special Needs in the Classroom Special Needs in the Classroom P a g e | 1 Assignment 1 Title Special education e-portfolio Value 50% Week Due Tuesday Week 6 by Midnight –...

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College of Education

EST 303 Special Needs in the Classroom

Special Needs in the Classroom P a g e | 1
Assignment 1
Title Special education e-portfolio
Value 50%
Week Due Tuesday Week 6 by Midnight – 10
th April 2018
Length 2000 words (maximum)
Learning Outcomes 1,2,3,5,6
In this assignment you will create a Special Education E-Portfolio which will have several components:
1. A teaching statement which will specify your theoretical and pedagogical position around
diversity, difference, equity and equality. You may wish to define these in your own words.
2. A summary of the international, federal and state or te
itory policy documents that guide your
teaching practices regarding inclusion and students with special needs (e.g. see course readings).
3. A case study where you describe a situation where a student (or a group of students) with
special needs was/were excluded from learning. Using policy and practice documents you
describe how you overcame the situation to promote inclusion in your school setting.
** In this third part of the assignment you are drawing on what you have told me in part 1 and 2
to demonstrate how this ‘works’ in the real world and how you have applied your
eliefs/position to creating real change in your classroom/school/community
There are a plethora of possibilities for the format of your assignment. You may use free internet platforms
to present your work. Different platforms likely have different features. Places to investigate include:
You may also consider using video or digital storytelling for components of this assignment. Whatever you
choose, please make sure it is presented in a coherent and accessible way. By coherent I mean, you will
submit 1 location for your work (e.g. one website/YouTube address) and the different assignment
equirements should link (automatically or via a link). By accessible I mean, the reader should not have to log
in or sign up to an account to read your work.

College of Education

EST 303 Special Needs in the Classroom

Special Needs in the Classroom P a g e | 2
 Please respect the word limit, you will need to think carefully and plan how you will distribute words
across the three components of this assignment. I would anticipate they each need to be at least
400 words each to do them justice.
 Teaching statements are personal, so a first person voice is acceptable for this assignment.
 This is an e-portfolio, you are demonstrating your personal knowledge and capacity.
 You MUST reference using APA. You probably do not have enough words to use direct quotes
liberally, so summarise ideas and use in-text citation.
 Through your assignment you demonstrate what you are reading and how you are engaging with the
course material. Therefore, you must use assigned readings and course material!
You will submit the single link to your assignment on LearnLine by copying it onto one page of a Word
document. Please include your name on this document too. All third party sources and intellectual property
mentioned in the assignment (on your e-portfolio) should be cited co
ectly using the university APA
eferencing expectations (see the CDU li
ary portal for details).
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Akansha answered on Apr 07 2020
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Inclusion in Education        1
Topic- Inclusion in Education
Unit Code
Professor’s Name
Introduction    2
Managing Diversity in the Classroom    2
Policies Related to Inclusion on Global, National and State Level    4
Case Study    6
Conclusion    7
References    9
Teaching is a challenging but most giving job and as per Florian, (2009) the increasing diversity in the “schools for all” is acting as the biggest challenge for the teachers when ensuring the educational equality in schools (Florian, 2009). People come in all shapes and sizes and the ability or disability in understanding things or performing something. This ability or disability develops a diversity amongst the students coming to a school for their right to education (Voltz, Nelson & Sims, 2010). The goal of every school should be just to impart knowledge excluding any ba
iers of disabilities, family background, giftedness, language delay, gender, emotional or behavioural problem, or hearing or visual impairment among others. The government of Australia has recognised the human rights of children to gain the education and developed many polices and practices those educational firms have to follow and fulfil their commitment to the community (Florian, 2009). Though, still a solid foundation needs to be developed in the industry to find the fulfillment of the desired goal of imparting knowledge to children who are different in certain ways from other students. This paper will identify the policies developed in teaching pedagogical and education statement related to the equity, equality, and diversity in education for children with special needs.
Managing Diversity in the Classroom
The cu
ent education system aims to manage the biggest challenge faced by the teachers is to develop an effective cu
iculum and teaching environment for the students with special needs in a diversified classroom. Many government agencies and community services are working to develop effective policies and procedures at the state, national, and global level. The aim of each policy and procedure is to provide effective learning ability to the students with special needs. The aim of inclusive studies is also the part of the cu
iculum that is being used to teach the students with special needs. The Australian Cu
iculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) is the government department of Australia that develops the cu
iculum for the students keeping the two main goals of the authority which are: -
1. Making sure that Australian Schools are promoting equity and excellence.
2. Each Australian that is young becomes successful, confident, and creative learner who is informed and active citizen of the country ("ACARA - Student Diversity", 2018).
The above-mentioned authority follows the policies developed in the country by the government to provide knowledge to each student. The teachers are provided training to help students who have some disability and falls under the Disability Discrimination ACT (1992) and the other law which is the Disability Standards for Education (2005). Along with the disabilities the authority also encourages the equality practices in teaching the students those are gifted and are creative (Voltz, Nelson & Sims, 2010).
The method of managing the diversity in the classroom related to the equity and equality or disabilities and gifted students is the practice of inclusion in the classroom. Inclusion is the procedure that promotes deep transformation of the students. The inclusion in studies for the students with special needs is the part of basic studies that the teacher should impart to the students. For providing the knowledge to the students it is important that the teacher identifies his or her duties towards education to students. Also, develop methods that can help the student to be comfortable and understand the concept that is being taught in the class (Clarke, Nieuwenhuijsen & Ailshire, 2010). Some procedures that a teacher could include to develop inclusion in the class are as follows:
· Understanding the needs- It is important the teacher recognizes the diversity amongst the students. Once the diversity is identified than a teacher can manipulate its teaching process to provide maximum knowledge to the students without getting partial in any sense.
· Use processes that can help- The teachers should use different processes and teaching methodologies that can help in making the teaching process easy and more educative for all students with diversity participating in the class.
· Use of digital media- The digital processes can...

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