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I need help with this quick experiment.

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Rajeswari answered on Jul 02 2021
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Half life
We are to analyse whether half life leads to decay fully. For this we fix hypotheses as
H0: Half life species decay fully
Ha: Half life species do not decay fully.
This is a two tailed test for testing the claim whether half life leads to extinction totally.
For this analysis, we undertook experiment with 100 fair coins closed in a sealed box with heads up. We took fair coins which means probability for head or tail showing is equally 0.50.
So when we toss 100 coins we can expect 50 to be head then we remove the tails have 50 and continue this next we expect to get 25. We are going to check when we are going to get 0 head.
For this actually experiments were done with a box with time periods 1 to 10, i.e. first rattling the box with lid sealed removing tails, is taken as one period. To get accuracy, this experiment was repeated 3 times, to get more accurate levels.
The results are given below:

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