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i have upload an image so all requirement is given

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i have upload an image so all requirement is given
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Ethical and moral concerns of Business
Ethical and moral concerns of Business
Ethical and moral concerns of Business
Assignment 1: Three Distinct Perspectives of Applied Ethics
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1. Introduction
The purpose of this paper is to make surveillance and create an excessive monitoring to the online activities performed through the setup of IT infrastructure provided by XYZ organization. It also includes that the XYZ organization is starting a campaign exercise to make an every minute control for all the online activities. The activity of taking every minute control is ethically wrong. This is because; the excessive control on all the online activities will also overtake the personal activities performed by any individual. It can also make harassment of any individual personal work space. Because of this reason, the authorities of XYZ organization can raise their voices to withdraw this decision. The NGO’s and other organizations which are working in fever of human rights have also raised this issue in some of the debates. Looking at the security implementations and requirements of security in XYZ organization, a middle solution can be revoked, so that, the security of XYZ organization will not compromise and personal space of employees will also not affected.
2. Professional Ethics Perspectives
Each organization even it is of small size or large size must have to maintain a synchronization and coordination to the outcome activities of their employees. The employee performance defines the quality of produced goods which will float in the market. So, it would not be wrong to say that the complete business process of any organization like XYZ is developed and defined by its employees. We can also say that the business prosperity, survival in market and existence of organization is dependent to working employees and employees are only resources which can take business of organization to some large extent [Shapiro & Stefkovich, 2016].
The primary key to define the business consideration from different employees for growth of organization is filling a motivation in them. According to some studies, it is observed that the de-motivation of employees can easily be started when their issues are not solved and any effective dealing is not made among employees and management of organization like XYZ. In this case when XYZ organization is making an excessive every minute monitoring to online activities of all the employees then, it can be a major cause of employee de-motivation. The human nature is very sensitive and can easily take this monitoring or surveillance as an act of personal conspicuous [Kangasniemi et al, 2015].
From the side of XYZ organization, the monitoring is caused because of some unauthorized access from employees who are causing serious issues to the growth of the organization. There are also some incidents in which adult websites or some pornographic films are also watched at the work place by some employees. It may be true but here the discussion is related to permissible monitoring levels on employees and the manner of monitoring through which the personal space of employees is not affected. The effect of monitoring will never have to lead any harassment to any employee privacy. We have to also consider that the security of organization must also not compromise.
3. Philosophical Ethics Perspectives
The philosophical perspective of ethical dilemma includes different questions and their answers [Darwall, 2018]. The questions with answers of performed philosophical ethical dilemma for XYZ organization are given below:
1. What are the factors defining the ongoing activities of XYZ organization?
In modern days, the complete business process of any organization revolves around the implemented techniques used...

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