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I have to pass my first assessment into a well writing a professional report.

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I have to pass my first assessment into a well writing a professional report.
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Vaishali answered on Jun 03 2020
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The use of technology in Operations Management: A case study of One Tech, Tauranga
ID Number:
Consultation Report
Waikato Institute of Technology
In order to understand the importance of technology in operational management, students must develop an understanding of the cu
ent technology trends. I _________wrote this report to familiarize readers about the cu
ent and emerging trends that an IT company can use to improve its operational efficiency. The submission of the report is due on _____ and is submitted on ________.
This is to acknowledge the contribution and guidance of M
Ms. ______ for providing me opportunity to do this project work and support me in completion of the project. I am thankful for his/ her support and guidance throughout the term of the project.
1.    Introduction    5
1.1    Purpose and Background    5
1.2    Scope and Limitations    5
1.3    Method    5
2.    Analysis and findings    6
2.1 Problems in administration    6
2.2 Accounting issues    6
2.3 Management issues    6
3.    Conclusions    8
4.    Improvements    8
5.    Recommendations    9
5.1    Work Flow Software    9
5.2 Team management    10
5.3 Accounting Software    10
5.4 Smart job sheets    10
5.5 Remote Communication    10
References    11
Appendices    11
1. Introduction
1.1 Purpose and Background
anch of One Tech has been facing operational and administrative inefficiency which is affecting the functioning of the business. Many companies have improved their operational efficiency and transformed their business by adopting the right technology at the right time (Laudon & Laudon, 2016). The purpose of the report is to identify the operational issues persisting in the organization and recommend the technological changes to improve the efficiency of the business.
1.2 Scope and Limitations
The study focuses on examining the operational, administrative and accounting issues pertinent to the functioning of the business and determining ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the business. The study is concerned with assessment of Tauranga
anch of One Tech. The study is based on the secondary data collection. The limitations of the study include that selected areas of operations of a single
anch of a company has been studied and the scope can be expanded to other companies in the industry.
1.3 Method
The study is based on secondary data and desk research. Desk research is based on second hand information (Chu, 2015). The research included the study of information collected through interviews and observations in the form of notes. Other sources include journals, reports, articles and other publications presented in the form of references at the end of the report.
2. Analysis and findings
The observations revealed that the inefficiency in performance of the
anch is attributed to the improper functioning of the team and lack of proper management. The analysis exhibits that the accounts department is facing inefficiencies and the administration department is unable to provide assistance to the operations. The problems identified have been discussed below:
2.1 Problems in administration
There are no contingency plans for urgent or unannounced work coming in the way of the administrative team. There is lack of proper communication due to inconsistent meeting schedules. The database maintenance is poor and outdated; and the work schedule is disrupted due to which the administrative team has to overwork. Documentation of records is often incomplete and there are responsibilities assigned to staff are not accurate. There is no formal system of sending and receiving mails including cheques and bills that are often misplaced and results in loss to the company in the form of lost payment and interest charged on overdue accounts.
There is an urgent need of a memorandum guiding the behaviour of staff and stating their...

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