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Case Study        1
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Task 1    2
Introduction    2
Critical analysis of the cu
ent strategic and operational plan    2
Policies and procedures related to recruitment, selection, and induction    3
Step by step procedure to be followed for recruitment, selection and induction process    4
Recruitment Needs    5
Position Description    5
Advertisements    6
List for HR consulting process    8
Identifying the Training Needs    8
Interview Questions    8
Letter for unsuccessful Candidate    10
Letter to successful candidate    11
Staff Induction Policy    12
Induction Checklist    12
Conclusion    12
Task 2    13
References    15
Task 1
Development of a strategic plan for the development of strategic policies and procedure for the various departments and working of the organization is very important. The strategic policies and procedures help the organizational manager to hire the right human talent for the company that can help in achieving the organizational goals of the company. In the given case it was identified that the company in focus VTI Groups, operating in Melbourne, Australia is planning an expansion of business in the e-commerce category[footnoteRef:1]. The aim is to capture the online market segment for the products and services offered by the company. The change in the working procedures demands the change in the working policies of the company. Along with that new recruitments are also needed to be done to achieve the desired outcome from the expansion. The given report analysis the cu
ent strategic planning of the company and suggest better HR policies for recruitment, selections and induction process. It will also provide an example to develop a complete process of recruitment, selection and induction processes for some certain positions in the given organization [footnoteRef:2]. [1: Amer Hani Al-Kassem, "Recruitment And Selection Practices In Business Process Outsourcing Industry", Archives of Business Research 5, no. 3 (2017).] [2: Fedaa Ali, "Industrial Procedures And Problems", Sustainable Technologies, Systems & Policies, no. (2012): 5.]
Critical analysis of the cu
ent strategic and operational plan
The case in focus is about a company that is expanding its business in the e-commerce sector. As the company was initially operating in the traditional retail and supplier operation system there is a lack of knowledge and information required to run the e-commerce business effectively. The company has decided to offer all its product range on the online platform for which they will develop the company’s website and will get into collaboration with other e-commerce vendors [footnoteRef:3]. [3: Tony Bennett, "Exploring The Potential Of The Union Equality Representative", Employee Relations 32, no. 5 (2010): 509-525.]
The cu
ent analysis shows that the company needs to develop the HR policies and procedures as per the need of the required staff and the qualification. As the case study says that company wants to majorly recruit the former staff in the company by providing them complete training and promoting them to various new positions. The recruitment and selection procedure the company cu
ently following says that the members of the company can apply for the new job opening just like any other applicant. No diversity will be acknowledged when conducting the recruitment, selection, and induction process will be taking place in the organization. All applicants coming from outside or inside of the company will be handled in the same way and the right candidate will be appointed for the position. Though, this procedure may not be fair when it is taken in consideration for the former employees. As these employees are not technologically trained they will not be able to stand against the competition of the outsider. This makes the policy contradicting with the idea of keeping the former employees in the organization. The company should provide training to the employees and the best should be recruited in the new positions. Then, the left-out places could be asked for new recruits [footnoteRef:4]. [4: Ian Drummond and Ian Stone, "Exploring The Potential Of High Performance Work Systems In Smes", Employee Relations 29, no. 2 (2007): 192-207.]
Policies and procedures related to recruitment, selection, and induction
· Identify the position in need of recruitment
· The profile of the job applicant should be developed to find the right candidate.
· The procedure through which the applicants will be attracted towards the opening need to be decided.
· The steps of the interview should be decided like shortlisting resumes, group interview personal interview etc.
· The panel of recruiters should be developed to better judge the applicants.
· The procedure of the interviews conduction of the short-listed candidate for selection need to be decided.
· Checking the references provided by the applicants.
· Deciding the time line for each step.
· Providing the approval lette
· The unselected candidates should be informed through a letter from the company.
· Providing the orientation classes
· Familiarising the candidates with the organizational structure and working
· Health and safety rules are explained [footnoteRef:5] [5: Frédéric Gavrel, "Participation, Recruitment Selection, And The Minimum Wage", The Scandinavian Journal of Economics 117, no. 4 (2015): 1281-1305.]
· The rights as an employee should be given to the recruited
· Providing the training and learning if needed by the employee
· All paper work is done to avoid the conflicts.
· Prohibition period and scale of salary and roles and responsibilities are individually explained to the new employees.
Step by step procedure to be followed for recruitment, selection and induction process
1. To identify the gap in the human resources in the organization
2. Design an advertisement to attract the applicants
3. Publishing the advertisements with complete specification of the job and its requirements.
4. The shortlisting of the applied resume as per the organizational need should be done.
5. Once the shortlisting is done the selection department should be handled the information.
1. Develop a panel that will take the interview of the selected candidate.
2. A letter or email of getting shortlisted and the time and venue of the interview should be sent.
3. The unselected candidates should be informed through a formal letter.
4. The candidates should be interviewed and diagnosed as per the organizational needs.
5. A reference check need to be done to check the authenticity of the applicants.
6. The selected candidates should be informed through a letter of appointment
7. The unselected candidates should be informed through a formal letter or email.
1. The selected candidate should be sent a letter for reporting in the office.
2. The time, venue, and person to be contacted once reached should be mentioned in the letter or the email.
3. The orientation classes should be developed
4. The training needs should be identified and provided
5. The policies and procedures should be divulged to the new employees along with the rights
6. The roles and responsibility of the employees should also be cleared.
7. The staff should be provided with safety and health measures available and its use in need should...

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