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I have provided the file attachment and please I need it by the deadline provided. Thanks

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I have provided the file attachment and please I need it by the deadline provided. Thanks
Answered Same Day Jul 13, 2020 SBM4304


Sanchita answered on Jul 13 2020
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Assignment        2
Organization chosen that employs Information System: Walmart Inc
Walmart Inc is an American multinational retail organisation that is runs series of discount departmental stores, hypermarkets and grocery stores. Walmart is one of the biggest business houses and is second largest employer in America. However, Walmart is not only limited to domestic operations; it is a global company that has highly successful business operations in countries like China, United Kingdom and South American countries. Hence, as Walmart serves millions of customers each day, the data that it generates is tremendous, hence Walmart needs to have an highly efficient and effective Information System in place to safeguard the confidential details and information not just about its vast number of customer base but all its employees who work for Walmart.
The millions of transactions that take place everyday generate tremendous amount of personal data and information. Some of them are highly confidential in nature such as the debit, credit and other bank account details. Furthermore, the information system also keeps record of the customer’s personal details such as name, contact no, address etc. Some really advanced information system as the ones deployed at Walmart also tracks the consumer’s tastes and preferences. Thus, Walmart keeps a good deal of record about...

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