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Assignment Requirements Your web design consultancy company has been invited to tender for the design of a web site for a newly formed business/organization. As part of the tender process you are...

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Assignment Requirements

  1. Your web design consultancy company has been invited to tender for the design of a web site for a newly formed business/organization.
  2. As part of the tender process you are required to present a proposal to the management team of the company.
  3. If your proposal is eventually accepted, you will be asked to develop a prototype of your design in WordPress in Assignment 2.
  4. The client’s business category/model will be supplied to you via email in the first week of the semester.
  5. Your design proposal MUST address the specific and unique needs of the business category/model you have been assigned. You are also required to ensure that both your Assignments 1 and 2 meet the criteria to be classed within, and is directly related to, the business category assigned to you. Failure to do so will result in your assignments being rejected and no marks will be allocated to them.
  6. You have been asked to do some preliminary research into the needs of the company and then demonstrate your capabilities and what you and your company can offer.
  7. Your company has been told from the outset that the website must incorporate a highend and responsive web design that provides a great user experience while creating an atmosphere of trust and professionalism.
  8. You sent the management of the business a questionnaire and interviewed them for more information about the project and their requirements.
  9. You analysed the information they provided and promised to send them a proposal in the next few days.
  10. Prepare a professional web design and development proposal in the form of a PowerPoint presentation XXXXXXXXXXslides) that will inform and impress the client.
  11. Include speaker’s notes for each slide, as well as images, graphics, tables, animations, etc. where appropriate.
  12. Do not include citations in your slides. Place all your sources of reference on your final slide.
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AIWIS Commission
(Let’s Help Others)
An Organization for Needy, Homeless, Underprivilege People
Table of Contents
Client NGO Background
Proposed Website Requirement
Our Capabilities
Our Client References
Our Services
Digital Strategies
Technology Used for Developing Website
Custom Programming
Content Management System
AIWIS Website Functionality
    Technical Issues
Cost in Developing Website
Work Breakdown Structure
Gantt Chart
Web Analytics
Website Promotion
SEO Promotion
Website Maintenance
Success Features of Website
Client NGO Background
Immediacy - When children come to AIWIS in some crisis, they urgently require help. The client accommodate their fundamental human needs - sustenance, clothes, a shower and therapeutic consideration - promptly.
Sanctuary - Children who are endeavoring in order to get off the road are very much frightened and skeptical. The client protect the children from savagery and debasement by giving them security.
Communication Values - By setting a case, they demonstrate the kid's childhood by providing healthy, caring relationship depend on the trust, regard as well as honesty.
Our client is NGO, who mainly help needy children.
Client NGO Background
Structure - Road life is temperamental and e
atic. The organization give structure and a sensible expectations to allow their children to concentrate on their future.
Decision - The client enable youth to settle on positive decisions. They give them the consolation they have to believe in themselves and to change.
Job Training – AIWIS also provides some job training to youth, so that after completing schools, students can easily get job.
Proposed Website Requirement
The main requirement for client is make a website by which people can help these homeless kids by online transactions of money.
Also, if some one finds homeless kids on street, they can contact by website.
Their main objective is to concentrate on marketing.
Finance people must be able to receive donations in an easy mode without going here and there.
If someone has some job requirements for these students or kids, they may easily post their requirement on the site.
This site will help the homeless children to get help in a direct or indirect way.
Our Capabilities
We are serving in market since 10 years with having top most clientage.
Our plans and instinctive user experiences particularly address our customers' business objectives and illuminate client challenges. These websites are driven by energy and development, our work has been perceived for exclusive requirements of magnificence by various industry specialists.
Our sites not just give the front-end client an incredible online affair, they're additionally simple to update for back-end administrator.
All sites are put through a thorough quality control as well as development process with contribution from various Graphic Designers to guarantee the best design for clients.
Our websites are composed inside 2 to 3 weeks.
We build sites in incredible costs.
Our agent goes to Obligation Free at client's Home, Office or on location, and demonstrate to them what we do, and what we are putting forth in their business.
We have also developed various E-commerce websites.
We are into industry since 10 years with same business. Our technical team is one of the best that uses latest technology to develop their projects.
Our Client References
This are few of our clients.
Our Services
Our design of web site offers the entire plan, specialized and empowering infrastructure in order to complete the e- business transition from start to its completion.
We have built up a framework that is completely prepared to create dynamic web organizations over all conditions from B2C, B2B, and Database-identified with the cu
ent WAP-empowered systems.
We choose our Essential Web Hosting packages to provide the disk space that our client require, while guaranteeing client's data fully secured with our malware scanning. If our network traffic increase,
Our Professional Web Hosting and Professional Plus hosting...

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