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SIT792 – Minor Thesis Assignment 2 – Three Minute Presentation Introduction Why am I doing this? Being able to professionally and clearly communicate your ideas is critical in both research and...

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SIT792 – Minor Thesis
Assignment 2 – Three Minute Presentation

Why am I doing this?

Being able to professionally and clearly communicate your ideas is critical in both research
and practice careers. This 3-minute presentation assignment will give you:
• Experience in pitching your ideas to peers
• Getting feedback on your ideas
• Using constructive feedback to improve your research project
• Practice in succinctly summarizing complex ideas for a knowledgeable audience

Three-minute oral presentation
Brief description of
assessment task
This assessment task requires the students to virtually present their research
proposal to a peer audience in three minutes. As a presenter, the student will be
equired to combine visual and oral explanations of their proposed research project
design and methodology. Students will be assessed on their ability to demonstrate
professional communication, analytical and synthesis skills and research skills at an
advanced level.
Detail of student output
This is an individual assessment task based on team work. Each student is required
to prepare a PowerPoint file (no more than 3 slides excluding title slide) with voice
overlay (no more than 3 minutes). The presentation must include the research project
design and supporting methodology.
Grading and weighting
(% total mark for unit)
10% marked and graded
This task assesses your
achievement of these Unit
Learning Outcome(s)
ULO3 – Effectively disseminate research outcomes to a variety of audiences using
highly developed communication skills and work productively within a team of experts
in the field.
This task assesses your
achievement of these
Graduate Learning
GLO1 – through student ability to apply discipline specific knowledge and expertise
in the development of a presentation.

GLO2 – through student capacity to clearly articulate research question/gap with
justification and evidence for how the proposed project will address the question/gap.
How and when you will
eceive feedback on your
Students will receive feedback after the assessment of the virtual presentation.
Supervisor will mark the submission.
When and how to submit
your work
Presentation file due date: 5:00pm AEST, Friday 2 August (Week 4).
Submission via CloudDeakin Assignment Dropbox.

Presentation and PowerPoint

Due to the difficulty of finding a suitable time for all or most students, instead of giving an
oral presentation, each student is required to prepare a 3-minute PowerPoint presentation
with voice overlay and submit it to CloudDeakin for assessment. Your presentation should:
• Introduce your project topic and supervisor
• Say why this project topic is important
• Outline key research questions in this area you are looking to address in your project
• Outline how you are going about your research project
• Outline your project progress to date and planned further work to be done


• Plan your presentation and talk carefully
• Put a descriptive figure for your presentation on your slide
• You just need one static slide – don’t try and squeeze too much detail in
• Keep the PowerPoint slide simple and concise
• Speak slowly (not too slowly) and clearly
• Get someone to look at / listen to a draft before submitting for feedback
• Try not to be too nervous when presenting to a group; practice presenting to a small
group of friends may help
• Have a look at sample presentations online: http:

Read the following page for details of the marking ru
Marking Ru
ic – SIT792 Three Minute Presentation

Number Fail Weak Satisfactory Excellent
1. Submission Did not submit
presentation PowerPoint;
did not give presentation.

Presentation submitted, Gave oral presentation / video recording with voice over.
Presentation content
2. Introduction No or poor introduction of the
team, topic, supervisor.
Limited introduction quality. Good introduction. Excellent introduction to your team
and project.
3. Research area
elated work
No research area or related
work overview, incomplete or
very hard to follow.
Hard to follow or incomplete. Reasonably good summary of
esearch area and key related work.
Excellent, concise, complete, easy to
follow summary of research area and
key related work.
4. Research
and method
No problem or questions,
incomplete or very hard to
Some research problem scoping,
some research questions and method
ut appear incomplete, not focused.
Reasonably good research problem
scoping, research questions, method
Excellent scoping of research problems,
challenges, research questions and
method for this project.
5. Progress and plan No timeline, incomplete or very
hard to follow.
Timeline looks partially complete, lacks
details of some milestones and
Good overview of research
project including major
milestones and deliverables.
Excellent timeline identified with clear
milestones and deliverables.
PowerPoint quality
6. PowerPoint
Poor, incomplete. Presentation is barely acceptable; poor
layout, style, illustration.
Good quality PowerPoint slide, content is
very related to the project.
Excellent presentation slide, content
is very interested and encourages the
audience to listen.
Presentation quality
7. Presentation
Poorly presented and delivered;
very hard to follow.
Presentation barely acceptable; hard
to follow; incomplete.
Well-presented and effective
presentation; some parts not as clear as
Excellent presentation all round.
8. Well-paced,
Too fast, flow, too long, too
Pace was barely OK. Good pace, not too fast or slow,
about right length; mostly an
enjoyable talk.
Excellent pace and length; very enjoyable
presentation for audience.

Overall Grade Not yet to a
pass standard.
Pass - none of the
‘Fail’ items, and more
than 50% of the
‘Weak’ items.
Credit – good work - contains none of
the items in the ‘Weak’ list, most of the
elements in the ‘Satisfactory’ list above,
and elements of the excellent items.
Distinction - Very good work.
Contains none of the items in
the ‘Weak’ list, 6-8 Satisfactory
or Excellent; majority of other
items in the excellent list.
High distinction - Exceptional work.
Contains none of the items in the
‘Weak’ list, items 6-8 are Excellent;
most other items in the excellent list.
    SIT792 – Minor Thesis
    Assignment 2 – Three Minute Presentation
    Presentation and PowerPoint
    Marking Ru
ic – SIT792 Three Minute Presentation
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Name: Krithika Arulselvam Student Id: 218019529
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Introduction about project
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