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Group Names: INF60010 Assignment 1 Marking Guide Student Name: Student Number: Component weight score mark Comments Quality of ES and Introduction 1 /5 /5 ES and Introduction have different purposes;...

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Group Names:
INF60010 Assignment 1 Marking Guide

Student Name: Student Number:

Component weight score mark Comments
Quality of ES and Introduction 1
ES and Introduction have different
purposes; you need to understand
the differences between the two
Explain the challenges the
usiness is facing (such as
environments, competition,
and technologies). List all key
issues/problems of their
ent system. Explain in
general how these issues/
problems impact their overall
usiness. A detailed discussion
of two selected problems of
the cu
ent system.
You should list all key
issues/problems of the cu
system, but you should select two
which you consider are the most
important for the business and
explain why they are important and
what are some of the opportunities
when the problems solve?
You need to demonstrate the
understanding of business
challenges and how the cu
system impacts on the overall
usiness problems.
BA roles, the business and IS
analysts need to have a “big
picture” view of any business
and their information systems.
You are required to list the
major responsibilities which
you should take on to help the
usiness. What are your basic
plan, where you start, what
you do and what you want to
Demonstrate a clear
understanding of BA roles and
challenges. You need to think of
the big picture, not just technical
Discuss the techniques of
identifying the use cases.
Explain what technique which
you used to identify the use
Key Functional/non-functional
List all key functional and non-
functional requirements.

Complete an event table which
includes all key events and
DFD fragments (lowest level
DFD) for each identified
You need to create an event
table which includes all key
events; you should also
complete a Data fragment for
each event identified.
A levelled set of data flow
diagrams for the cu
Dataflow diagrams should include
Context Diagram, Level 0 DFD
(top level DFD), and ONE level 1
Need to consider the consistency
etween all levels DFDs (Data
fragments, level 1, level 0, and
context diagram).
Ensure all your models are legible.
If we cannot read, then ‘0’ mark
will apply.
All models have to be completed by
using drawing software (suggest to
use Visio, it is available on all
university computers. You can also
download it via ELMS (software
free for Swinburne students).
Dataflow dictionary describing
the data flows in the DFD
5 /5
Must use the data dictionary
(logical) notation provided. Should
e consistent with DFD. You need
to select at least THREE (3) major
data flows.
An entity relationship diagram
for the cu
ent system
5 /15
Should contain all Entity types and
attributes required and should be
consistent with DFDs. Business
ules description should be included
in the report (how to read your
Data dictionary describing the
attributes of at least 1 data
elements in your ER diagram
5 /5
Must use the data dictionary
(physical) notation provided.
Should be consistent with ERD.
Process description 2
5 /10
• For each of the processes
identified you should provide a
ief description (a sentence or
two is okay).
• Provide a detailed description
of something like structured
English for one of the lower
level processes.
Document Quality 1
5 /5
Should be well organized, easily
eadable and clear to the reade

Assessment weight=
Score/120 x 25) = 25%
Sub Total = (Actual Score/120 x 25) - Penalty
The penalty will be applied to:
• Plagiarism
• The late submission without extension approval

Please check the Checklist and university policy for details
Guidelines for allocating a score to a component
5: thoroughly done and co
ect, attention to detail, maybe a few small e
4: good work, some e
ors but nothing major
3: overall OK but significant flaw in understanding or many small e
2: generally on the right track but multiple significant flaws in understanding or omissions
1: really off track and would require a major rewrite virtually from scratch
0: not attempted
Bonus Point earned (up to 5 marks):
For the Bonus mark, we will look for the following:
• Provide an excellent report (1 mark) or models (1 mark);
• Complete additional tasks to fulfil the assignment, such as very detailed and high quality
of business overview, problem analysis, event table, and other detailed documentation. (2
• Demonstrate a sound research effort via high quality of references (1 mark).
All the above will be discussed and decided by the teaching panel. We will mark on quality, not
just quantities.

Final Total (Sub Total + Bonus):

Overall Comments

Swinburne University of Technology

Semester 2 2018
INF60010 Assignment 1 Cu
ent System Analysis and Modelling (Individual)
© Swinburne University 2018
INF60010 Requirement Analysis and Modelling
Words Limit: 2000 +/-10% Weighting: 25% Due date: Monday 3rd Sep. at 9:00 am

Assignment 1 submission details
• All pages should include your name and student number in the document footer.
• All references should be appropriately cited using the Harvard style
• Submit your report as ONE Microsoft Word document, Turnitin doesn’t accept ‘zip’ file.
• Save your file as follows: [student numberA1.filetype] e.g. 1234567A1.doc
• Submit your final report via INF60010 Canvas> Assessment > Assignment 1 Specification and Submission
o Assistance can be obtained from the Swinburne Service Desk XXXXXXXXXX.
o DO NOT email the assignment.
o If you have any queries, you may discuss it with the teaching staff during the workshop or post
your questions on the discussion threads or via email.
Assignment overview
This assignment aims to produce a requirements
document that captures the functional requirements for
an information system that supports the cu
ent needs of
the Printing Incorporated eBook Publishing and Sales
management system as described later in the Case Study
Note: This assignment covers the traditional approach.
Your tasks
Read the case carefully, and if students need more detail
either about the business or the assignment, they should
talk to the lecturer or tutors, preferably before starting
the task during the tutorial classes or go to the
scheduled consultation time or email to make an
appointment if necessary.
Task Part A: The Report Components
Create a word-processed business report with:
Cover page
• Document Title
• Author(s) information
Case Description
Printing Incorporated Book Publishing is an
independent book publisher located in Melbourne,
Australia. It has established itself in the niche
market of feminist publications. Though small in
size at 50 employees, it is a leader in the growing
online publishing industry in Australia. The
company sees itself as somewhat of a pacesetter in
the field of Internet publishing and e-books, and in
1995 become only the third Australian publisher to
have its entire catalogue placed online.

ently, the pubishing house facing some
issues/problems. The top management team
decided to hire BAs to help analysing and
transfering their business. Your job in the first stage
is to understand their business and cu
ent system,
such as what they are facing, what the
issues/problems of their cu
ent system, what are
some of the challenges.

More details of the case and specific
problems can be found in a separate file ‘INF60010
Assign1&2_case_S2 2018.pdf’ on the same site.

Swinburne University of Technology

Semester 2 2018
INF60010 Assignment 1 Cu
ent System Analysis and Modelling (Individual)
© Swinburne University 2018
INF60010 Requirement Analysis and Modelling
• List of contents
Executive Summary
• What this assignment is about and what you want to achieve.
• Why conduct system analysis and design for a business?
• The purpose of your work.
• The structure of your report
• Where did you collect data and information for completing the report?
Company/Organization Background
• What is the business and what does this business do? (a
ief description of their cu
ent business
operation, products and services.)
• What are some of the problems/issues the business (internal and external) cu
ently facing and how
they impact on overall business future development?
• What are the business cu
ent system problems you consider essential to address? You should list
them and then pick up two which you consider are the most important for the business and explain
why they are important. What are some of the opportunities when these problems are solved? How
would the organisation be better off by solving this problem or taking up this opportunity?
• Clearly explain the cu
ent system’s objectives and constraints. Please note: you need to read the
case description to understand what the cu
ent system does.
Scope (Cu
ent system)
• A written statement of functional/non-functional requirements (you are required to list them all with a
ief explanation for each of them).
• Discuss the techniques of identifying the use cases.
• Data dictionary
o Complete at least THREE (3) key data flow descriptions (Logical data dictionaries)
o Data element descriptions (Physical data dictionaries, at least 1 of the key data entities)
• Process Descriptions
o A
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Monika answered on Aug 26 2020
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Printing Incorporated Book Publishing
    Topic Name
    Page Numbe
    Cover Sheet
    Executive Summary
    Organization Background
    Organization structure
ent system scope
    Data flow dictionary
    Event table
    Data fragments
    Data Flow Diagram
    Context Diagram
    Entity relationship diagram
    Process Description
Executive Summary
Here we discussed the case study Printing incorporated Book Publishing. This assignment report describes the requirement of Printing Incorporated Book Publishing in the field of e-book and internet publishing. Printing Incorporated Book Publishing is located in Melbourne Australia as independent book publisher. It describes sales tracking system and book production and Cu
ent scope of Printing incorporated book publishing. This business and cu
ent system are analyzed by BA to solve the issues or problems that are facing by this business Publishing house. This assignment also evaluates data dictionaries, data flow diagram, event table and entity relationship diagram that involved in Printing incorporated Book Publishing.
The industry of Publishing has been linked around and continuously worlds’ some finest read pulling out from it for generations. The activities of printing and publishing have relied on proved old technology and long standing. The purpose of it is to create the contents in printing forms by providing linear progression definitely. The opportunities are provided significantly for publishing in electronic and printing format both by the development and emergence of digital technologies. The prospect of business model and new value prepositions are offered due to the advances in electronic commerce. There is a range of characteristics that are encapsulated by new digital publishing format including infrastructure of multiple option, designed modes and various formats of content that fulfill the customer requirement with the process of editing and updated information on server. There is a trends in digitization against the change background
oader within the industry of book publishing are examined by author. Digital technology and a
ay of challenges confronted with industry has offer a lot. The response of industry has been hesitant and uneven; it has been learned better from lessons of failure of earlier technology initiatives.
It is clear that there is one development opportunity that has impact upon publishing of book that development in reading device associated the eBook and in eBook. Now a days eBook is a publishing reality and continuously growing and available on mobile phones and smartphones. In publishing market, they are operating such as potential disruptors, enabler and disentermideaters(Martin,2010).
Organization Background
There is a book publisher in Melbourne Australia that is printing incorporated Book Publishing which is independent in nature. This book publisher has established itself in the feminist publication’s niche market. It is small in size and have number of employee is 50. It is growing as a leader in online publishing industry of Australia. Ultimately, it is performed like a pacesetter in the field of eBook and internet publishing. This company becomes the third publisher of Australia that placed entire catalog online.
There had been two choices for aspiring authors for publish own work. The first option was as according to the one of the major publisher that their work needed and deserved publication. An advance payment would be received by author. Then the cost of printing is abso
ed by publisher and he promotes the book and waits for the cheque. The second option was self-publishing by author.
As in new era, there is emerged a new option: Electronic publishing due to the growth of internet too fast. So the work of author is also converted form publish the book to electronic file that can easily read on-screen or take a print through printer. eBooks can be purchased by Buyer from website and it can also be downloaded. To make downloaded books to eBook, there is a need of develop a new device such as LCD screen that is book sized. It is portable like paper books(Bugge,2014).
There is a need of integrated information system for company for tracking own author, sales, progress in books and royalties. Cu
ently, the personal database of each sales person is kept by leads in Microsoft access. Technical service department were create the database of all individuals as according to templates. But it is difficult to sure that the same author is not countering by two sales person. There is difficulty in calculate the performance of salespeople. So there is a need of proposed information system that must have central database. It could be used for monitoring, checking duplicates and performance of sales person and provide ease in marketing with author and leads.
Basically, for the purpose of record sales transaction, there is no centralized tracking system. Sales recorded separately through different channels by different groups. It is difficult to monitor sales records of books and performance of sales person and calculate royalty payments of author. There is need of HR staff to combined data from separate channels manually. There is no way to attain 100% accuracy. We perform tracking only if we received any complain.
Organization structure
ent system Scope
Now a days electronic publishing is a new option emerged with the growth of internet. The booked sized LCD screens are developed as new devices that converted the downloaded books to eBooks. There are number of eReaders such as: Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle and google android. These are very popular because it is portable like paper book. Now a day, the different way of reading is mobile reading where read eBook version on mobile for example iPhone version. The expenses of printing are deducted due to eBooks so it sold and produced in large number. In comparison to paper book, it is cheaper. It will perform by someone who is expertise to produce e-book website and quality files of e-books. There have been four...

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