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i have attached 2 files and they are 2 different assignments.please read the insetractions and do the assignments

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Sharing Identity Assignment- Assignment 2
Sharing Identity - Assignment #2
Several characteristics are considered common across many Indigenous peoples, cultures,
histories and contexts. Together, these emphasize an approach to knowledge that is
metaphysical, holistic, oral/symbolic, relational, and intergenerational. Indigenous ways of
knowing rely heavily on many forms of intelligence, including interpersonal, kinesthetic, and
spiritual. Within Indigenous knowledge systems, land is often regarded as Mother Earth, who
provides teaching that determines traditional values or ways of knowing.
Keeping the above statement in mind, for this assignment you are to investigate an Indigenous
group. You can look at a nation here in Canada, or you can look at a group from elsewhere
around the globe. Once you have learned a little about this group, pick one of the options
elow in order to complete your assignment. Remember it is vital that you remain respectful
of all Indigenous Peoples so your assignment must keep a professional and respectful tone.
● Investigate how colonialism has affected your chosen Indigenous group’s Identity.
● Investigate a contemporary issue that is still affecting the identity of the Indigenous
group that you have chosen.
● Investigate the differences and similarities between your chosen Indigenous Group’s
world view and that of the Western World.
Once you have decided on your topic, you can decide how you wish to present your information.
Create a Venn diagram of
your topic
Create a “one pager” a single
paged flyer that is meant to
inform people of your topic
Create an Infographic about
your topic
Orally present your findings
to the class in a
Write an editorial style news
article on your topic,
(maximum 500 words)
Something of your choosing,
just please clear it with me
● ALL draft work, notes and a complete list of resources are required for this
assignment. And must be handed in as a separate document(s) in Google
● You MUST fill out the student reflection column of the ru
ic; failing to do so will
esult in not receiving a mark for the assignment.
● You are to submit all work in the appropriate place on Google Classroom
level 4 expectations
Student Reflection
on how they did
Teacher comments
Student has clear and concise
knowledge of how colonialism has
affected the chosen group’s
identity, a contemporary issue that
is still affecting the identity of the
group, and the different world
Thinking / Inquiry
Student has demonstrated
exceptional research and critical
thinking skills
The information presented is very
organized and any mistakes in
writing and speaking conventions
are in no way distracting.
The final product illustrates that
the student followed all of the
instructions the best of their ability
All rough work is submitted with
the final product.
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    Famous Couple (John Lennon and Yoko Ono)
    Familiar Couple (Sarah and Michael)
    Canadian Norms and Trends
    Norms Affecting the Couple
    Norms Affecting the Couple
ent Canadian Norms
    John and Yoko challenged norms through their artistic and activist backgrounds. They promoted peace, unconventional courtship, and gender equality.
    Sarah and Michael reflect modern Canadian norms where both partners pursue careers, share responsibilities, and have a delayed age at ma
    In Canada today, norms emphasize individual happiness, gender equality, and personal growth. Courtship varies from traditional to more unconventional forms.
    Societal Trends Reflected
    Societal Trends Reflected
ent Canadian Trends
    John and Yoko's activism for peace and art reflected the societal emphasis on social change in the 1960s and 1970s.
    Sarah and Michael's delay in ma
iage and focus on careers align with cu
ent trends of delaying ma
iage for personal and...

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