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I have a Research for Nursing Unit and in that i have a assignment which is based on the research. There are two types of research- Quantitative and Qualitative and in this two you have to choose in...

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I have a Research for Nursing Unit and in that i have a assignment which is based on the research. There are two types of research- Quantitative and Qualitative and in this two you have to choose in which type you can write it better.I am attaching all the files which is given by our tutor which will help you in this assignment.
I am attaching the learning guide in that, please go through it, so, you will get all the idea about the assignment.
And I know that u are a excellent writer, but, this assignment is really very important to me and as well as holds more weightage so, please try to make it very very good.Thanks
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Soumi answered on May 28 2020
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Running Head: QUALITATIVE PAPER        1
Table of Contents
1. Background of the study    3
Key Health Issue identified in the Paper    3
Findings of previous papers    3
Importance of this research    3
2. Overview of research design    3
Research Aim    3
Research Design    3
Characteristics of the applied design    4
Its appropriateness in terms of the research aim    4
3. Sampling    4
Features of the Research Participants    4
Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria for the Sample    4
Their importance    4
The implemented Sampling Technique    5
Its appropriateness in terms of the research aim    5
4. Data collection    5
Process of data collection    5
Specific procedure used    5
Its appropriateness in terms of the research aim    5
Benefits and Drawbacks of the method of data collection used    6
Any other alternative suitable method    6
5. Data analysis
esults    6
Data analysis technique    6
Importance of selecting the appropriate data analysis technique in terms of a qualitative research    6
Rigour of the data analysis method used    6
Data findings    6
Their transferability    7
References    8
1. Background of the study
Key Health Issue identified in the Pape
    The selected literature for reviewing is a qualitative paper by Williams, Hardinge, Ryan and Farmer (2014) that focuses upon Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). The issue that the authors have focused upon is that when the condition of COPD worsens in a patient, or exace
ates, they are needed to be immediately attended to, so that their condition can be managed through timely intervention.
Findings of previous papers
    Previous authors in this research area have illustrated that exace
ations in COPD have increased the number of the readmissions of released COPD patients into the UK hospitals even more (Bischoff et al. 2011). Nevertheless, the issue is grave because this is increasing patient cost and medical expenditure for the patients largely because the patients, themselves are not aware of the concept of COPD exace
ations, which can otherwise help them to self-manage the situation, thus, reducing medical expenditures. Hence, this study topic is selected.
Importance of this research
    The research conducted holds importance in the context that the increasing number of readmissions are increasing the health expenditures of the patients. Therefore, if they are able to understand the concept of COPD exace
ations and self-manage their conditions, there would be lesser numbers of hospital readmissions.
2. Overview of research design
Research Aim
    The research aims to evaluate the existing understanding, knowledge and experiences of the COPD patients regarding the exace
ations of their conditions. This can help to understand the symptoms and identify when they occur so that they can immediately identify the situation and manage them on their own. Thus, the expenses behind their hospitalisation can be decreased if they self-manage it.
Research Design
    The research design implemented in this paper is a qualitative research design that aims to investigate the research issue elaborately. As mentioned by Me
iam (2015), qualitative research design involves collection of detailed data and the process of accomplishing the research is also quite complex. Although the participants were approached for detailed information; nevertheless, the method is time-consuming, thus, the design being moderately appropriate.
Characteristics of the applied design
    The applied design for this research has been qualitative research design. According to Lewis (2015), it is a detailed method of investigating the research issue and can help to collect data through a complex method. However, as argued by Choy (2014), it is a very time-consuming method and...

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