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Table of Contents
Introduction    3
1. Background of the Study    3
Health issue of focus in the research    3
Results from previous researches    3
Significance of the research    3
2. Overview of the Research Design    3
Aim of the study    3
Research design applied    3
Key features of the research design applied    4
Suitability of the research design for the aim of the study    4
3. Sampling    4
Characteristics of the research participants    4
Inclusion criteria and exclusion criteria of the sample    4
Significance of these criteria    4
Sampling technique used    5
Suitability of the sample for the research aim    5
4. Data Collection    5
Data collection method    5
Specific process of collecting data    5
Suitability of the data collection method for the aim of the research    5
Advantages and disadvantages of the data collection method used    5
Alternative data collection methods suitable for this research    6
5. Data Analysis/ Results    6
Method of data analysis    6
Significance of selecting suitable data analysis methods in qualitative research    6
Rigour of the data analysis    6
Findings of the research    6
Transferability of these research findings    7
Conclusion    7
References    8
    The present guided review is of the nominated literature by Williams, Hardinge, Ryan and Farmer (2014). It is a journal article involving qualitative research.
1. Background of the Study
Health issue of focus in the research
    The health issue dealt with in this paper is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Williams, Hardinge, Ryan and Farmer (2014) have focused upon COPD, when it worsens or exace
ates that requires patients to manage and identify the symptoms effectively. It is a grave condition, requiring immediate attention from care providers and the patients themselves, hence, justifying the research area.
Results from previous researches
    The previous researches outlined in the paper indicate that exace
ations lead to increased number of readmissions in hospitals in UK (Healthcare Commission Clearing the Air, 2006). However, the authors also identify that there have not been prominent definitions of exace
ations and their recognition by patients, due to lack of support in understanding medical terms, which make the process quite complex, thus, they selected this topic for research.
Significance of the research
    This research issue is very important to be investigated because if COPD is self-managed when symptoms of exace
ations are noticed in the patient, then it can lead to lesser number of admissions taking place in hospitals. Besides, the patients can themselves improve their conditions, by understanding the related medical terminologies better.
2. Overview of the Research Design
Aim of the study
    The aim of this research is to explore the present understanding, awareness and experiences of the patients suffering from COPD that can help them to identify the symptoms when COPD conditions worsen in them. With the help of this knowledge, when exace
ations are noticed in patients, they can self-manage these in their home only, without needing to be hospitalised.
Research design applied
    A qualitative research design was applied to investigate the research issue. According to Lewis (2015), it is a very useful research design to generate a large amount of descriptive data and through a very elaborate process. It also helps to understand the opinions of the participants in details, which is why the idea of choosing this methodology was suitable.
Key features of the research design applied
    The key characteristics of a qualitative study are that it encompasses data collection process structured elaborately; generates detailed information on the research topic...

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