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HW 425 Unit 8 Assignment: Planning the Program Evaluation Course Outcome addressed in this Assignment: HW425-5: Develop a health promotion program evaluation plan. Unit Outcomes addressed in this...

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HW 425 Unit 8 Assignment: Planning the Program Evaluation

Course Outcome addressed in this Assignment:

HW425-5:Develop a health promotion program evaluation plan.

Unit Outcomes addressed in this Assignment:

  • Describe types of program evaluation.
  • Determine the focus of the evaluation.
  • Write evaluation questions.
  • Identify methods of evaluation data collection.

Background: In your previous assignments, you completed most steps of the general planning process in developing a community-based health promotion program. Specifically, you assessed the health needs of the community, chose a health focus and a target population to serve, developed the program mission, goals, and objectives, considered funding, budgets and administrative tasks, designed the program intervention, and planned for program implementation. The next step in the planning process is designing theprogram evaluation plan.

Program evaluation is an ongoing process that can serve many purposes related to improving a program and supporting its intended outcomes. Some types of program evaluation can be conducted during the planning and implementation phases of the program. Other types of evaluation can be conducted after a program ends to determine its impact and establish outcomes. A robust program evaluation will include more than one type of evaluation.Although variations exist, evaluations usually follow a general process that includes: engaging stakeholders, describing the program, establishing the evaluation focus, and gathering, analyzing, and reporting data.

The design and focus of the program evaluation should be guided by stakeholder input. Specifically, what do stakeholders want to know about the program? Stakeholders need a consistent description of the program to inform their input. Based on the stakeholders input, evaluation questions are developed that will guide the rest of the evaluation design. The evaluation questions determine which types of evaluation are necessary and appropriate. All evaluations require the collection and analysis of data. Data collection and analysis must be carefully planned to ensure that all of the evaluation questions can be addressed. Plans should be made to communicate the results of the evaluation to program stakeholders and consideration given to the process of incorporating lessons learned from the evaluation.


In this Assignment, you will create an evaluation plan for your community-based health promotion program.

Your Assignment should be approximately 3–4 pages in length, written in primarily essay format and include appropriate supporting citations and references in APA format. Address the following topics:

  1. Write an introduction that describes the purpose of program evaluation and briefly describes what is meant by process and outcome evaluation.
  2. Write a summary that describes the main components of your program, including the mission, goals, target population, and primary intervention strategies.
  3. Write a paragraph describing at least 3 stakeholders in your program and indicate at least one area of evaluation interest for each.
  4. Based upon the areas of stakeholder interests you identified, write at least five (5) evaluation questions for your program. You should have at least two (2) questions related to process/implementation evaluation and at least two (2) questions related to outcome evaluation. You may write more than 5 evaluation questions, but keep in mind that you will need to develop a plan to collect data for each question.
  5. Complete an evaluation matrix based on the evaluation questions you developed. You may create your own matrix or use the template provided inCourse Documents.
  6. Based on the evaluation matrix, describe the process that will be used to gather credible data. Address the following:
    1. Types of data
    2. Methods for collecting data
    3. Timing of data collection
    4. Methods to ensure data quality
  1. Write a summarizing conclusion that includes a description of how the evaluation results will be communicated and used to improve the program.
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Running Head: HEALTHCARE        1
Table of Contents
1. Introduction    3
2. Main Components of Health Promotion Program    3
3. Stakeholders of the Program and Areas of Evaluation    3
4. Evaluation Questions to be asked from the Stakeholders    4
5. Evaluation Matrix and Processes Used To Gather Data    4
6. Methods for collecting data    5
7. Summarizing Conclusion    6
References    7
1. Introduction
    Evaluation plan for a health promotion program could be considered as an essential concept in order to measure the effectiveness of health promotion program. This is majorly because of the fact that evaluation plan tends to answer ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘why it matters’ for the promotion program. This evaluation plan would be based upon the prior submitted health promotion plan.
2. Main Components of Health Promotion Program
    The health promotion program presented before was developed for community of mobile county, Alabama. One of the major aims of this promotion program was to determine and evaluate the health needs. Therefore, 520 families from the selected region were interviewed and their health needs were identified. Fatal diseases and diabetes were the major focus under this promotion program (Smith et al., 2016). All of the data required to assess the heath needs of target population was collected through secondary sources and articles.
3. Stakeholders of the Program and Areas of Evaluation
    There were different stakeholders, which could be associated with or could affect public health and health needs. However, three major stakeholders of the program would involve government, community groups or the individuals living in the target geographical area and healthcare professionals.
The government has been included as a major stakeholder because Alabama...

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