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Virtual Task Planner

Overview: Create a web-based planner that is designed for students or individuals who are interested in virtually planning their week/month. The platform differentiates from a "pen and paper" planner by offering a way to prioritize tasks and receive timely alerts.

Features: Implement a prioritization system that assesses importance based on timelines, relevance and user preference. The user will be alerted when a task is upcoming.

Profiles: Allow the user to create a personalized profile.

Calendar format: Integrate a calendar format that provides users with a clear interface of the upcoming month.

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Project Plan: Virtual Task Planne
This Project plan outlines development of a web-based totally planner called the Virtual Task Planner. This platform is designed for students or individuals interested in planning their week/month virtually. Key capabilities consist of a prioritization system assessing significance primarily based on timelines, relevance, and consumer desire, along with timely signals for upcoming obligations. Users can create personalized profiles, and the platform integrates a calendar layout for a clear interface of the approaching month. The plan covers stages like Requirements Definition, Design, Build and Assembly, Testing, Operation, and consists of responsibilities including stakeholder engagement, design documentation, coding, checking out, and deployment guidance. The project plan emphasizes the importance of stakeholder involvement, everyday critiques, and modifications based totally on feedback and demanding situations encountered for the duration of the improvement procedure.
1. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
1.1 Requirements Definition
Gather stakeholder necessities (2 weeks).
Identify key features and functionalities (1 week).
Ensure thorough engagement with stakeholders to seize complete necessities.
Prioritize features based on stakeholder enter and venture dreams.
1.2 Design
Develop a layout record (3 weeks).
Define the consumer interface and man or woman revel in (2 weeks).
Create designated design documentation outlining visible and interactive factors.
Collaborate with UX professionals to decorate user experience layout.
1.3 Build and Assembly
Set up the development environment (1 week).
Implement center functionalities (8 weeks).
Establish a sturdy improvement environment to facilitate efficient coding.
Iteratively build and integrate core functionalities with regular trying out.
1.4 Test
Perform unit trying out (4 weeks).
Conduct device trying out (3 weeks).
Rigorously test individual components to make sure they feature as supposed.
Systematically validate the whole system's overall performance through comprehensive testing.
1.5 Operation
Prepare for deployment (2 weeks).
Create user courses and documentation (2 weeks).
Develop a deployment plan to make certain a clean transition from development to manufacturing.
Produce consumer-friendly publications to useful resource users in navigating the Virtual Task Planner.
2. Define the Tasks
2.1 Requirements Definition
Identify talents requested (1 week).
Break down abilities into...

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